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Trucker Takes On An Industry-Wide Health Crisis

Nutraceutical Start Up Targets Truckers and Their Families

    HOUSTON, TX, March 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Andrew Thompson, an OTR trucker with Wilson Logistics based in Springfield, MO, joined the trucking industry three years ago with ambitions of becoming a vital part of the nation's critical supply chain of trucks delivering goods to millions of Americans.

It wasn't long before Andrew's demanding schedule and daily routines began to take its toll on his physical and emotional health. Not uncommon to the industry, truckers can find themselves working six weeks or longer at a time, staying alert for up to 14 hours a day, radical sleep schedules along with limited access to healthy food choices is challenging. This lifestyle added almost 20 lbs of weight to Andrew's body and elevated his stress levels.

Determined to find a better way to continue his career, Andrew spoke with hundreds of truckers across the country and found several veteran drivers dealing with major health problems ranging from diabetes to sleep apnea. "It's not just the health issues," said Andrew. "It's financial burdens of being sick or unable to work and relationship problems these truckers experience as a result of their lifestyles. It's also a matter of public safety."

There is no shortage of data to support Andrew's conclusions. As an example, nearly 75% of truckers suffer from dehydration. A study published in Physiology & Behavior in 2015 showed people who suffer from mild dehydration increase the frequency of driving errors such as lane drifting, late braking and crossing over the rumble strip (equivalent to a driver who has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent).

Statistics at the National Institute of Health show that more than 50% of truckers are obese as compared to the national average of 26.7%. Compared to the general population, diabetes is 50% higher and 87% of truckers have hypertension or pre-hypertension compared to the national average of 58.3%.

These conditions eventually can lead to chronic illness, medical bills and prescriptions, depression, insomnia, fatigue and a number of other issues that affect truckers and their families.

In recent years, truck stops have been taking steps towards healthier options - including salads, fruits, yogurts and protein bars. TA and Petro Stopping Centers offer workout facilities to help travelers stay fit while over the road.

Andrew said, "Unfortunately, that's not enough. Truckers need to develop habitual routines of health which in many cases require training and commitment. There is also a lack of premium vitamins and supplements at these locations – truckers are massively deficient in nutrients."

So, in December of 2021, Andrew started GOAL Nutrition ( a nutraceutical company found online that provides premium vitamins and supplements for truckers. The website also educates truckers on health related topics associated with the trucking industry. Andrew also created "InCab Recipes" which provides do-it-yourself cooking recipes for high quality healthy meals truckers can prepare on their own using tools and appliances found in the truck.

"Preparing a meal in the truck does just mean heating up left-overs in the microwave. Truckers can prepare high quality dishes for themselves that are healthy and can save them money. I want GOAL Nutrition to be a resource that truckers could access to protect their health and their future. Awareness is just the beginning."

GOAL Nutrition is a nutraceutical start-up based in Conroe, Texas. It purpose is to provide health related news, tips and products to the trucking industry. GOAL Nutrition has an online store that sells vitamins and supplements including a blog that gives health related tips and news along with in-cab recipes for truckers to prepare high quality meals that are healthy and designed to save money.

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