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A Win-Win Proposal That Will Save Children From Dresser Tip-Overs Created by Surefix Solutions

Bringing both fairness and ultimate safety to a controversial but critical issue

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    WASHINGTON, DC, March 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Many parents who lost children from dressers that tipped over had no idea that that could happen with dressers and in their homes. They had no perception of the hazard presented by some dressers. A public policy needs to manage this perception and promote a clear understanding of the nature of this hazard and what behavior is needed to deal with it.

There are many hazards in our lives, including kitchen knives, cigarettes, etc.

But dresser that can tip over are also very hazardous as they have maimed and killed mostly children. Dresser tip-overs do not go over the threshold of the public perception of their hazardous nature. But the death of infants is particularly devastating.

First, the reality of the lack of perception of this hazard is to be acknowledge for establishing a good policy.

Now, some parents and advocates are pushing for very stringent standards to make sure that dressers that will be manufactured in the future will never, tip over.

There is a strong push back from the furniture industry, and it is disingenuous to put it all in account of big business greed. There is a great market for light, cheaper dressers. On a furniture seller website one can filter one's search of dressers as "under $250". That is the market! Most customers cannot afford dressers that cost over $2000, also sold by the same company. To deprive these people of the opportunity to purchase a low-cost dresser is unfair and against public service.

So, here's the proposal: Two categories 1/ sturdy dressers that will not tip over and 2/ light dressers that should be sold with a strong hazard warning (as on cigarettes packs). Their buyers will also bear the responsibility to ensure their stability (conditional sales as for some medicine). Either anchor them to the wall or chose other means to stabilize them, such as the SureFix Solutions.

Please register your reaction for the different parties to make peace. Help save kids!

Surefix Solutions, LLC has recently be awarded a US Patent that describes a solution to stabilize dressers and cabinets from falling and hurting especially young children.

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