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Shincheonji Church of Jesus Celebrates its 38th Anniversary on the 14th

The Church, which was founded in 1984, celebrated its 38th anniversary with a special worship service and sharing the history of Shincheonji.

"Children of God who are born of God's seed are precious beings that cannot be exchanged for the universe."

    GWACHEON, KOREA, March 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Shincheonji Church of Jesus the Temple of Tabernacle of the Testimony, headquartered in Gwacheon, South Korea, celebrated its 38th Anniversary on March 14th. In commemoration, the church held a special worship service led by the Chairman of Shincheonji, Man-hee Lee. Chairman Lee mentioned during the service: "As a child of God born of God's seed, we should do our best to be filial to God, testify to God, and give all glory to God."

The commemoration of the 38th year of Shincheonji Church of Jesus began with a history of the church, where it began with giving worship on a mountain in Gwacheon for three years under the direction of Jesus before the church was officially established in 1984. Over the past 39 years, Shincheonji Church has created 12 tribes with over 300,000 members in Korea and around the world. Chairman Lee said, "These 12 tribes were not created by man. Since the 12 tribes were promised in the Bible, wouldn't God's prophecy be fulfilled only when God fulfills it? That is why we created the 12 tribes."

The Chairman also discussed how Jesus came at the time of the first coming, died and promised that He would prepare a place for those who believe in Jesus, and that place is the holy city New Jerusalem promised in the Book of Revelation and made up of the disciples of Jesus. He shared that the New Jerusalem will come down to the kingdom of heaven created by Jesus on this earth, and that this kingdom is the people who are born of the seed of God.

In 1990, Shincheonji Church established the Zion Mission Center, which is the education center of Shincheonji Church where people come to learn the word in a class-like setting. In 2019, over 100,000 people graduated from the Zion Mission Center, an intensive 9-month course to learn the secrets of the kingdom of heaven in the Bible as well as mastering the book of Revelation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, all the mission centers have been moved online, allowing the word to spread across the world even more.

The Church also began sharing its word online for people to watch for free. Since the online Revelation seminars given by Shincheonji Church in 2021 were livestreamed through YouTube, people all over the world have begun studying the word taught by Shincheonji. Thousands of pastors have joined with Shincheonji and signed MOUs to learn and teach Shincheonji's word in their own churches. The Church is also providing learning materials such as textbooks to these churches, and seminary schools, that are requesting to learn the word.

Chairman Lee shared during the commemoration service on March 14th: "The founding day on March 14th is the day of history when the second coming of Jesus began. The people who started at the second coming are doing the harvest work, becoming one with the angels and creating the kingdom of God." He also stated about the people of Shincheonji church: "Children of God who are born of God's seed are precious beings that cannot be exchanged for the universe. As children born of God's seed, I hope that all members of the Shincheonji family will be faithful to God, testify to God, and give all glory to God."

Currently, Shincheonji Church is sharing seminars broadcasted live for free through YouTube about the parables and the secrets of the kingdom of heaven, which is the elementary course of Zion Mission Center. The intermediate portion of the Zion Mission Center will begin March 31st and have 24 lessons aired two times per week. The English translated seminars can be found here.

Shincheonji is the kingdom of God that God has created in order to fulfill today on earth as it is in heaven. It has been created as the result of God's 6,000 years of work, and it is the holy temple where the priests and people who will receive salvation within the Lord belong to.

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, following the will of God, testifies to the revelation and what has been seen and heard, and is working to heal all nations.

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