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Jerome Karam Builds World's Largest World Gym

Jerome Karam along with JMK5 Holdings has built the world's largest World Gym in Texas City.

    TEXAS CITY, TX, March 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With over 200 locations, World Gym has evolved into one of the biggest names in fitness. Their locations are known for their size and overall options, but the location in Texas City is particularly impressive.

Taking the place of an old department store in a mall, Jerome Karam of JMK5 Holdings, LLC had a vision for the Texas City World Gym from an early time. He quickly realized that people throughout Galveston County would give the gym a try if it were eye-catching enough. He is knowledgeable enough to understand that others follow if World Gym has success.

With ample room to offer everything anything anyone could want out of a gym, World Gym Texas City opened to great success. Since then, they've only grown thanks to an excellent reputation online and old-fashioned word of mouth.

What Karam didn't fully realize at the time was how the World Gym could kickstart an entire redevelopment project for the struggling mall. Jerome Karam, with the support of his wife Leslie, took the mall on and renamed it Mainland City Centre in just a few years. Instead of looking like a traditional mall, new businesses became attracted to the location and followed World Gym's lead.

World Gym is still one of the main tenants at Mainland City Centre. Other companies taking over the biggest areas include Altitude Trampoline Park, Odyssey Academy, Right Move Storage, and First Baptist Church Texas City. There's a variety of businesses in one location, ranging from salons to highly-rated restaurants. It has a slightly different vision than a traditional mall, keeping up with current shopping habits.

Jerome Karam is someone who is focused on redeveloping projects throughout his career. The Mall of the Mainland faced the same struggles many other malls have dealt with in the last decade. The World Gym location filled up an empty storefront to help keep it going. Now, it's showing other businesses what is possible.

Not only has Mainland City Centre injected life into Texas City once again, but it's shown other developers around the United States what is possible with a struggling mall. Instead of feeling like old malls must go down and the land needs to be repurposed, the building itself still has the opportunity to evolve into something great.

This is the type of vision Karam has had throughout his life as a real estate developer. Not only does he see the positives in redeveloping old buildings, but it's something his wife Leslie and his kids feel great about when impacting different communities.

Jerome Karam of JMK5 Holdings has evolved into one of the top real estate developers in Texas and Southwest Louisiana. With re-development being his primary focus, he's taken on dozens of commercial and residential opportunities. Information on all completed and in-development projects, as well as more on Jerome and his wife Leslie, are available on JMK5 Holdings website.

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