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Meta Bank Defi Described As World's First Decentralized 360 Solution Bank In The Metaverse

The new crypto-based platform was developed to leverage the unique advantages of decentralized finance to create simple, dependable digital banking procedures

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Meta Bank Defi is delighted to announce that it's creating a new platform to leverage the unique advantages of decentralized finance, to create simple and dependable digital banking procedures. The Photorealistic Metaverse crypto project envisions a world where everyone is equal and people can live and earn freely, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, language, or immigration status.

Described as the world's first decentralised 360 solution bank in the metaverse, the new crypto platform says its mission is to "implement decentralized banking and to help users truly grasp the concepts of virtualization, by introducing them to the metaverse and putting the power in the hands of those who can determine their own terms financially."

According to Meta Bank Defi, online banking is still a time-consuming chore in most developing countries that lack the prerequisite infrastructure and willpower to provide fast and efficient internet financial services.

Corporate banks and other financial institutions have too much control over the finances of private individuals and have been known to prioritise their interests over that of the very clients they were created to serve.

Meta Bank Defi insists that its new crypto-based platform eliminates the middlemen from the equation, putting the power back in hands of the people, and enabling them to conduct each transaction on their preferred terms.

Additionally, Meta Bank Defi has also revealed that its web 3.0 plans include the fabrication of a cross-platform mixed reality Metaverse district covering every aspect of society ranging from Virtual bank building, Healthcare, Gaming, Casinos, Virtual NFT marketplace, Art, Entertainment, and more.

The web3.0 compatible MBD token is a multi-chain currency supported across different blockchains, leveraging modern technologies to support smart contracts, DeFi, staking, NFTs, Proof-of-Stake high scalability, fast transactions, and the gaming metaverse.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and just about anyone interested in supporting the creation of a decentralised crypto-based banking system can visit the company's website to learn more about its plans for the future of finance.

Meta Bank Defi has a crisp and clear futuristic vision to serve every person regardless of their geographical location and place, to serve who requires a truly modern, seamless, and innovative banking solution. Meta Bank Defi has a knack for providing security, peace of mind, and comfort in executing the transactions over DeFi. The visual modality behind Meta Bank Defi is to implement decentralized banking and to help users truly grasp the concepts of virtualization by introducing them to the metaverse and put the power in the hands of those who can determine their own terms financially.

A platform like Meta Bank Defi would be especially useful in countries throughout the world where doing banking online is still a time-consuming chore, despite the fact that it should be a simple and quick process that anybody can complete. Growing countries have a wide range of banking needs that are simply not being satisfied by their digital finance industries' slow progress. By providing individuals with simple and dependable digital banking procedures, Meta Bank Defi would be able to change digital finance in these countries quickly. This is something that will eventually aid in the spread of digital finance solutions, penetrating it globally.

The community is how projects become a reality. Without the support of the community this will not be as impactful. We want everyone to be a part of this journey. We want everyone to feel and say I saw the potential and I made an impact to bring change. We want everyone to feel good that they helped free a little girl that was a victim of sex trafficking. We want everyone to gain something and benefit from this project!

Help us share our project. Invest in our project. Join our social media platforms. The more people that know about our project the larger the community, and the bigger the impact. Let's UNITE in a world going through chaos together, regardless of skin color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, language they speak.

Let's view the world in a positive way using MR, AR technology by being able to see through someone's eyes in WAYZ that unites us all.

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