All Press Releases for March 25, 2022

International NGO HWPL Hosts 6th Annual Celebration of Peace Law

The 6th annual celebration was held to commemorate the drafting of HWPL's international peace law which aims to bring global peace for generations to come.

"Peace is education. Peace is the DPCW." - John Rommel Garces, HWPL

    GWACHEON, KOREA, March 25, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Under the theme of 'Peace as an Institution: The Legal Foundation of Peace Building", the 6th Anniversary of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) in the Global Village was held online on March 14, 2022 hosted by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light), an international peace NGO. Mr. Man-hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, stated, "The current international law cannot end war, we must ensure peace through the DPCW". As the strategic competition between the US and China intensifies and Russia is at war, the world seems to be moving towards a new Cold War of severance and division.

Through this event, HWPL hoped to reignite the principles of global coexistence and interdependence, emphasizing that it is time for an institutional development of promoting the values, norms and culture of peace for nations, communities, and individuals.

International organizations such as the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), and European Union (EU) are emphasizing normative guidelines for substantive conflict resolution through the participation of women and young people. In connection with this, 'DPCW', declared by HWPL in 2016, has become a guide for citizen-led peace calls. Dr. Kamal Hossein, head of the Bangladesh branch of the International Law Association, emphasized the need to establish a legal basis for sustainable peace: "The prerequisite for achieving peace is to secure the people's inalienable rights," he said.

During the online event, Anna Chervenakova, HWPL International Law Enactment Peace Commissioner, said, "As the world is in crisis, governments must ask themselves what is the best course of action to overcome the urgent crisis. Human development can be achieved by resolving stagnation and human rights restrictions."

Rommel Santos Diaz, Professor of International Law at Universidad INCE and the representative of the Dominican Republic, said that he is also working with the Dominican Republic's Senate and House of Representatives to bring the DPCW to the UN. He explained that he is preparing communications with the President of the Dominican Republic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary-General of the Organization of Americas to support the DPCW across Latin America and the Caribbean. "We are working hard to implement and institutionalize the DPCW Handbook Project at the University, and I hope the whole process will inspire you all." He continued, "Starting with the Dominican Republic, we will continue to be the hands and feet of HWPL and CEO Lee to create a world of freedom, peace and love that we will leave to future generations."

John Rommel Garces, the head of HWPL's Philippine branch, gave a lecture on the subject of 'The strongest foundation for achieving world peace: the institutionalization of HWPL peace education in the Philippines'.

"We can confidently speak of a new definition of peace," said John. "Peace is education. Peace is the DPCW." He explained the case where 'HWPL Peace Education' was introduced in Mindanao, the region with historically the most conflict in the Philippines.

Previously, HWPL Chairman Man hee Lee visited Mindanao Island in the Philippines on January 24, 2014 to mediate the Catholic-Islamic conflict that had carried on for about 40 years. By signing a peace agreement established by Chairman Lee, peace was quickly established in Mindanao, one of Asia's most bloody conflict zones.

As a final message, HWPL's Chairman Lee stated "Current international law allows war to be waged if necessary, and wars and conflicts continue to occur because the fundamental war cannot be ended. The members should become one as 'messengers of peace'."

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