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Dr. Clifford Challenges Fortunato and Vance for Senate in the 31st Legislative District

Dr. Clifford is a liberty loving independent who is politically homeless.

    BONNEY LAKE, WA, March 27, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Clifford Knopik, a local computer scientist specializing in data and analysis, has decided to run for Senator. He is frustrated with the Democrats abuse of Covid data and the Republicans lack of action on challenging the inaccurate science and data used to justify the State of Emergency in Washington State. Dr. Clifford has reached out to current leadership for 2 years to alert them on the Covid data issues from the Washington State Department of Health. He discovered these issues in the responses to a dozen public records requests he submitted. Seeing no action and no longer feeling represented by the current people in power he has decided to stop waiting for the politicians to act like leaders, and instead will run himself.

"Senator Fortunato and the Washington State Republicans say lots of words, issue lots of tweets and press releases, but they seem to be silent on direct effective challenges to the state of emergency." Says Dr. Clifford. "I gave Senator Fortunato evidence on the corrupted Covid data in December 2020 and have yet to ever see it mentioned in a press release, tweet, or interview. I do not feel the Republican Party in the state of Washington actually represents average people anymore".

Regarding the other independent running for Senate, Chris Vance, Dr. Clifford says "Quite a bit of his words and statements seem like common sense. But he seems overly obsessed and stuck in the past by overemphasizing how against Trump he was and is. I also have concerns when he states that he stands by the measures taken by Governor Inslee to slow the pandemic. He seems to mainly just be concerned with how these measures were done, not what was done. I absolutely disagree with him on this."

Dr. Clifford, who has training and education in Emergency Management, explains, "The measures taken by Governor Inslee have been based on misleading and inaccurate data – data the Washington State Department of Health corrupted from the very beginning. All the decisions Governor Inslee has made are exactly backwards from what you would do if you were really concerned with the public's health and safety."

Dr. Clifford believes the Democrats see the Covid Pandemic as a chance to consolidate power. Not feeling like he fits in with either Republicans or Democrats in Washington State, he feels he is politically homeless. "I bet I am not the only one feeling this way. If anyone else in the 31st Legislative District feels this way, I would love their support. I would be honored to serve and represent them. I would take this responsibility as seriously as I did when I took the Oath when I enlisted to serve in the Washington State Guard for five years."

Dr. Clifford Knopik has a Doctorate in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University. He also has a Masters in Information Systems from Penn State, a Masters in Homeland Security from Penn State, a Masters in Information Assurance from Dakota State University, a Bachelors in Social Studies from Washington State University, an Associate in Emergency Management from Clackamas Community College, and an Associate in Computer Programming from Pierce College. He was honored to serve for five years in the Washington State Guard where he received emergency management training through FEMA and the Washington Emergency Management Department.

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