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Billy Craig's song "Tears For Ukraine" Touches Hearts Worldwide

In support of Ukraine

"VERY MOVING. Hope this song gets an AWARD for writers and producers etc, etc. I will play it on WRLR.98.3 FM." – Charles K.

    DETROIT, MI, March 31, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When music artist Billy Craig received a call from friend Eric Rhoads, CEO of RadioInk, he had no idea where that discussion would lead. Eric couldn't stop thinking about the people of Ukraine. He had a song title, "Tears For Ukraine," and some great ideas burning in his brain. Billy contacted Matt Jacobs, his partner at Rock Island Records, and asked him to start writing lyrics.

As he fused Eric and Matt's lyric ideas together with his own, Billy immediately recognized how powerful the words were. He picked up his guitar and an emotive song emerged that, he felt, just had something special. "It was that kind of pivotal moment when I knew I had to bring it to life in the studio," said Billy.

He called up music producer Kevin Williams who then cleared a few days from his busy schedule at the Sound Shop Studio. They brought in the band ELSIE BINX and worked around the clock to put an epic performance together.

Rock Island Records released the song and what has happened since has been simply incredible. The response on YouTube and Spotify, from the broadcasting industry, from the media, and especially from the public worldwide has been overwhelming. The writers are hoping it resonates enough to keep the message alive and fresh, and to draw support for the many NGOs doing critical work in Ukraine and bordering countries. They want the song to serve a purpose for the greater good. That's the intention.

"People might view it as opportunistic, self-promoting," Craig said. "In my mind, this whole thing is absolutely in support of the people of Ukraine." He added, "No one ever said Alan Jackson was opportunistic with 'Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning),'" the country singer's anthem to 9/11. "It was just pure, heartfelt expression as this song is for me, and I'm so thankful that I'm part of it."

Billy said the song comes from people who feel powerless when witnessing gut-wrenching emotion and loss in Ukraine in real time on news outlets. People feel deeply, and "Tears For Ukraine" brings that out. "The people of Ukraine need the awareness, the world needs the awareness, leaders need the awareness."

There has been such an outpouring of stories and notes from people from all over the world, many in the Ukrainian language, Billy said. That path has come from afar and also from as close as his hometown of Big Rapids, Michigan. B. Whalen, a long-time family friend, is married to a first-generation Ukrainian. After they heard that her friend had made it to Poland after eight days of travel, they sent a message through Billy's sister: "Please tell Billy that we were moved to tears by his song. The Ukrainian community is sharing it."

Of course, these stories duplicate by the millions as the crisis drags on. The songwriters hope to keep the message alive in support of Ukraine and to channel good energy toward reputable charities.

"Billy, it's been a long time, but I just wanted to congratulate you on 'Tears for Ukraine.' It's well-produced, warm, and beautifully performed. Thank you for making it happen." –Bill P, former broadcasting executive.

"I downloaded this song yesterday and played it, this morning I'm getting requests for it, I'll keep playing it on WKXH 105.5 FM." –Joann S.

"VERY MOVING. Hope this song gets an AWARD for writers and producers etc, etc. I will play it on WRLR.98.3 FM." –Charles K.

"What a completely and totally awesome song. I've had the news on, day in and day out, ever since this began a month ago, and every day I just cry. Thank you so much for doing this. It clearly comes from your heart. I'm forwarding it to everybody I know." –Mary M.

"Thank you for this heavenly ballad to rally help and sympathy for this great nation, Ukraine." –Tammy S.


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