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Dr. Barbara Taber Is Ready to Redefine the Rules (Again) with 'Cold Civil War', A Mini-Series Event Touching Down Today

Barbara Taber, Ed.D, acclaimed educator, author and commentator, is back with the first in her four-part mini-series, Cold Civil War. It is a spiritual successor to her celebrated 2020 Division mini-series.

As we navigate this cold civil war at home, hot war rages on the world stage—and one thing is for certain: nobody wins when America is weakened. Nobody.

    SUFFOLK, WA, April 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In the summer of 2020, several months into the pandemic, Barbara Taber's still-fledgling show made a decidedly bold move for its third show. Rather than turn in another self-contained, concise episode, Taber & Team decided they would give audiences all over the world a mini-series into which they could sink their proverbial teeth.

A series-within-the-series was never the plan, especially so early on. Had the show earned such a thing after only two episodes? Was it asking too much of the audience? On a practical level, would nearly doubling the size of the current season while quadrupling the workload be a wise move in the early stages of a deadly pandemic? It didn't matter. 2020 Division—as the watershed third episode would later be known—was a much-needed, visceral reaction to everything that was going on in the world at that time. Throwing caution to the wind, Barbara Taber went on to tackle the weighty issues that plagued us throughout 2020: coronavirus, civil rights, sociopolitical unrest, the upcoming election, and so much more.

Now, look at that list again, but this time add to it supply chain issues, inflation, high gas prices, border challenge, crime surge, voter rights, insurrection, climate crisis, and war in Ukraine.

Scary, huh? In other words, we basically have the same problems we did two years ago, to varying degrees, plus many more equally serious ones. How much more of this can a country— even a strong one like America—be asked to handle? What is our breaking point before we finally pass the point of no return? How do we define civil war in 2022?

These are serious questions that demand serious, steady-handed answers; Dr. Barbara Taber's specialty. As Covid recedes, we can no longer scowl and grimace at our ideologically opposed neighbors and family members from behind our face masks. The masks and gloves are off!

"When we did 2020 Division we wanted to get right into the action," explains Dr. Taber. "We wanted to do four rapid-fire episodes that would make up show number three, and it was better received than we could have imagined. At times, we were so synched up with everything going on, it was almost as if the news cycle was responding to us and not the other way around!"

The plan for Take It Or Leave It season two did not originally include another four-part mini-series as the third episode, or at all. In a fateful twist, while the more traditional sixth episode (S2:E2) was being prepped for release, war broke out in Ukraine after months of teasing by Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. Many discussion-worthy issues fell by the wayside, but most other issues did not. In fact, this new war has touched nearly everything in our lives, and old topics have become new topics again. It quickly became apparent that the only way for Dr. Taber to cover all of it effectively would be to put on her helmet (she doesn't really have a helmet) and dive right into the deep end.

With that, Cold Civil War was born.

Says Dr. Taber: "The whole thing happened so quickly that all of a sudden the notion of doing self-contained, quarterly episodes seemed nuts. How could we wait months and months between shows with everything going on? Having been through this quandary before with '2020 [Division]' we knew what had to be done. As a country, we are going through more than we have in generations, and we've gone and dragged our preexisting problems into it, because a lot of that has not been solved yet. It's like our 2020 division is meeting our 2022 division, and nobody's liking any of it!"

Managing a pandemic, an insurrection, a military withdrawal, and a potential third world war is tough stuff for a country to deal with at the best of times. In these times of constant, political infighting and social media static, though, it has become almost impossible to see the forest for the trees. There is chatter everyday about which war the US might get pulled into; a new world war overseas? A civil war at home? Both? According to Dr. Barbara Taber, America is already at war.

"This is indeed a cold civil war and it has been for awhile," Taber emphasizes. "Biden has certainly done his part to cross the aisle and offer healing as an option, but unfortunately there are still so many millions of people who refuse to come around. So, as we navigate this cold civil war at home, hot war rages on the world stage—and one thing is for certain: nobody wins when America is weakened. Nobody."

Cold Civil War debuts today at

For information about Dr. Barbara Taber's first book, please click here.

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Take It Or Leave It: Cold Civil War, Part 1 (Season Two, Episode Three)