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Honesdom International (HK) Limited launches NDT-KITS

Honesdom International (HK) Limited launches NDT-KITS

    HONG KONG, April 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NDT-KITS (Honesdom international HK limited) is a company based in Hong Kong and China that designs, manufactures, and supplies nondestructive testing instruments all over the world. We have specialized in everything NDT, resulting in an unmatched level of expertise that our clients find important when making decisions about the testing instruments they need for their businesses.

What sets us apart from other manufacturers is our affordable prices, fast deliveries, excellent support team, and after-sales service. We walk every step of the way with our clients' advising them on the best devices for their business applications. Moreover, we make customized probes and other components to match your specific needs.

Ever since we established our first digital ultrasonic flaw detection equipment in the year 1988, our dedicated research and development team has continued to work tirelessly to ensure we manufacture products that are not only modernized but also accurate, versatile, precise, and made from the highest quality materials.

Do you still need more proof of our abilities? Check out this list of our products plus some amazing details about them.

Products introduction:
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Our ultrasonic flaw detectors have been designed to make your work easier as a technician. We have used advanced technology in perfecting the operational features such as the hardware, software, and overall design. These easy-to-use instruments are lightweight and portable and feature an ergonomic exterior to ensure your hands are comfortable enough even for use for long periods.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
We supply our customers with ultrasonic thickness gauges that have high accuracy and high resolution (0.01mm). Our instruments have been made using the Past Zero Detection technology allowing you to get the difference in almost identical components. Our gages work effectively on rough surface components and extremely thick plates

Ultrasonic Probe
NDT-KITS has supplied more than 4000 standard and customized ultrasonic probes to our customers. We are a trusted supplier of the different kinds of probes such as; time of flight diffraction, immersion, dual element, phased array, angle beam, and normal beam ultrasonic transducers. This means that no matter your industry, we have an ultrasonic probe for your needs.

Phased Array Transducer
For your standard or customized phased array transducer needs, NDT-KITS is the supplier for you. Our phased array transducers come with a frequency of 1Mhz to 15MHz, with the probes holding 8 to 128 elements. What's more, we can modify your phased array transducers with up to 1024 elements for highly accurate results.

Ultrasonic Scanner
Increase your inspection speed and probability of flaw detection with our highly effective ultrasonic scanners. We have both manual and automatic ultrasonic scanners with some that can hold several probes at the same time giving you the option of multi-technology component analysis. In addition to this, our scanners are software-enabled helping you do your analysis from start to finish, including the final report.

Calibration Block
Instrument calibration is one of the most important activities in any inspection. We at NDT-KITS understand this, and that's why we make and supply standard and customized calibration blocks for all your industry calibration needs. We combine our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and our expert engineering to produce top-notch standard blocks. We are trusted by top brands such as SGS to supply their calibration blocks, which goes to show how good our products are.

Flawed Specimen
Our flawed specimens have been made according to industry and international standards making them great for use locally and internationally. Flawed specimens are important for identifying different types of defects that can occur in test samples. At NDT-KITS we have over 80 standard flawed specimens for you to choose from, at affordable prices.

Electrical Conductivity Meter
Electrical conductivity meters from NDT-KITS are precise, easy to use, and easy to calibrate. Furthermore, the LCD is fantastic and the instruments display more information than the average electrical conductivity meters. This is according to the reviews we've got from some of our customers who have used our electrical conductivity meters to check material conductivity and for heat treatment process monitoring.

Paint Thickness Gauge
Apart from checking the depth of the paint on your vehicle, an NDT-KITS paint thickness gauge can also be used for the general purpose of measuring the wall thickness of other metal components. Versatility, combined with affordability and high accuracy is what we offer to you as a paint thickness gauge customer.

Engine Borescope
For visual inspection of hard-to-reach engine parts, trust our engine borescope to make the work easy for you. It comes in different camera diameters and ultra-bright LED illumination to increase the accuracy of your inspections. They are used for many applications including industrial processes for monitoring inside valves and tubes, and other confined places.

At NDT-KITS, we do understand that every business and customer is unique and that is why we have equipped our research and development department with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to help them come up with instruments that are customer-focused. In addition to this, we work together with the client to customize probes according to their needs.

Our instruments and probes are used worldwide in automotive and aircraft maintenance, petroleum industry, chemical, and electrical engineering, architecture for monitoring the strength of structures, and shipping sectors for corrosion monitoring among other applications. For this reason, we work hard to ensure that our products are very accurate, durable, and easy for the technician to calibrate, use and maintain.

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