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No More Graduates Who Can't Read! Audio Books For Kids Effectively Stimulate Children's Imagination, Trigger Creativity, Increase Reading Skills, Manifest Understanding of Language

'Learning To Read By Listening' Is Language Acquisition That Helps To Improve Children's Competences; Stimulates Important Cognitive Areas Of Their Brain; Enhances Kids' Language Skills and Emotional Development, Follow Text by Listening

"No more graduates who can't read! That IS unacceptable. So, read to your kids early in life, awaken curiosity, create memories, and make it an adventure," says Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of Toley Ranz.

    SEDONA, AZ, April 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Studies have shown that children's imagination and creativity far more benefit when listening to audio books, then just reading a paper print book. Even though most parents would like their children to read a physical book to improve reading skills, the combination of audio and print is proven to be more successful.

According to Psychologists children who listen to story books, make up visuals in their heads. This triggers their imagination and stimulates creativity.

The rise of audiobooks in recent years has transformed "reading" into something that can be done while spending hours driving, cooking dinner, or even drifting off to sleep. Audiobooks can take kids to imaginary places with imaginary characters and keep kids happy during long travels.

The overwhelming success of audio books lures celebrity narrators like Gwyneth Paltrow, Meryl Streep, Patrick Stewart, and Sarah Jessica Parker to lend their voices to countless kids' audio books.

Do audiobooks really help children learn how to read? Will introducing kids to audiobooks make reading a printed book less intriguing?

Toley Ranz foundation firmly believes, and experiences have shown that listening to audio books does not slow down or even prevent kids from learning to read. Exactly the opposite is the case, they enthusiastically explain what they have "seen", their vocabulary became richer, and creativity increased.

Countless parents carry fond memories in their heart of a grandparent reading stories to them when they were the age of their own kids now. If your child is not very interested in reading, read to your child!

Make the story interesting by giving your voice diverse characteristics. Keep them engaged in the story you're telling. Or borrow the voices of celebrities; in any case, let kids listen to stories without watching a screen.

Listening to audio and reading along with the picture books, allows children to integrate audio sound and printed words- thus, learning to read.

"No more graduates who can't read! So, read to your kids early in life, awaken curiosity, create memories, and make it an adventure," says Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of Toley Ranz.

TOLEY RANZ foundation is dedicated to improving children's self-belief and boosting self-esteem leading to increased curiosity and learning abilities. Helping parents to help their kids is a fundamental aspect of the complete program and its material that is strongly geared to the emotional needs of all children.

The TOLEY RANZ three-book series "Purple Pencil" is read by its award-winning author Anke Otto-Wolf. Additionally, find stories, reports, and chats with parents and experts on the "Toley Ranz Stops Bullying Podcast" (iHeart, Spreaker, apple, etc.).

The Inspiration to this program and the creation of TOLEY RANZ finds its roots in the beautiful and brilliant minds of Anke Otto-Wolf's six graders at an inner-city school in Norfolk Virginia. Poverty stricken kids longed for inner peace, beauty for the soul, and kindness from an adult. Under her guidance they grew into successful young people. Former President Bill Clinton honored Anke for her engagement with at-risk kids. Today's TOLEY RANZ provides toys and materials to manifest emotional health in children.

NOTE from the CEO/Founder: Interested in investment/ partners for merchandizing & distribution possibilities? Contact us any time.

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