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The WORLD'S FIRST Vitamin D3 Made Exclusively from 100% Pure New Zealand Sheep's Wool

FREZZOR New Zealand introduces a New Breed of Vitamin D3 that comes from 100% ultra-pure New Zealand sheep's wool

"Only the best lanolin from New Zealand's 100% grass-fed, free-range sheep is allowed to be used in the production of our Vitamin D3"

    WHANGANUI, NEW ZEALAND, April 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- FREZZOR New Zealand, a global health and nutritional products company with operations in New Zealand, the USA, Europe, the UK, and China, announced the launch of the world's first vitamin D3 made exclusively from lanolin oil that is produced from 100% pure New Zealand sheep's wool. Vitamin D3 is manufactured from lanolin oil, which is removed from wool after the annual shearing of the wool coat from sheep.

In a statement from the Company's Founder and CEO, Noel Turner, "Only the wool lanolin from New Zealand's 100% grass-fed free-range sheep is allowed to be used in the production of our Vitamin D3 because we can track where it has come from, and this sends a clear message of trust that the consumer is receiving the highest integrity of this essential vitamin."

Turner explained, "We know that woolen fleece often contains many impurities depending on how the sheep are raised and what they have been exposed to. Traditionally, raw lanolin is purchased from various sources around the world. While small amounts of the premium raw New Zealand lanolin are used in the production of Vitamin D3, we had no control over how much New Zealand lanolin was included or the quality and purity of the lanolin from other countries; and that was a problem for us. This lack of quality control was not consistent with our products or our brand values".

"What we wanted was to use the best and purest quality lanolin oil for our customers, so we worked with a Vitamin D3 manufacturer that only uses premium NZ sourced lanolin oil. We helped them to set up a supply chain that could be traced and tracked back to our New Zealand sheep farmers, just like we do with our beef, dairy, and honey products."Turner said.

The Company is launching its exclusive vitamin D3 and combining it with another exceptionally effective and high-quality ingredient called Vitamin K2, which is processed from an all-natural chickpea extract.

They say that their Vitamin D3 and K2 supplement is particularly important for those who regularly consume dairy products and cheese. Vitamin D3 helps improve the calcium absorption from the diet, and vitamin K2 ensures that the calcium is correctly locked into the bone and doesn't get delivered into soft tissues such as the lining of the walls of arteries.

FREZZOR New Zealand is committed to producing world-class, high-quality nutrition from the pure, pristine environment of New Zealand to the global marketplace.

Noel Turner
Chairman & CEO
FREZZOR New Zealand
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The WORLD'S FIRST Vitamin D3 made exclusively from100% pure New Zealand sheep's wool