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BRIDGE FOR SALE: Two NYC Artists Create NFT of Brooklyn Bridge – Intend to Sell Many to Savvy Art Collectors

Two New York Bridge & Tunnel Guys offer the Ultimate NYC Collectible! Fulfill all your Aesthetic as well as Anti-aesthetic and Conceptual and Practical Needs! Don't miss the chance to get in on the ground floor of a uniquely Luft-Mensch inspired deal

"Supplies are limited so don't wait! and fasten your seat belts for a financial roller coaster ride that would leave passengers on Coney Island's Cyclone spinning their heads!"

    BROOKLYN, NY, April 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- NFT inventors Elliott Arkin and Robert Storr are both artists living in Carroll Gardens in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Responding to the soaring values of the real estate metaverse in their borough and throughout New York City they have decided to make spaces available to anyone and everyone capable of buying a lottery ticket. Of course, supplies are limited so don't wait! and fasten your seat belts for a financial roller coaster ride that would leave passengers on Coney Island's Cyclone spinning their heads!

Brooklyn Bridge Art Club™ NFT - hereafter BBAC - is a collection of 5,776 unique, paired digital "golden parking spaces" extrapolated from the previously unmapped and unexploited "air rights" of John A. Roebling' s landmark bridge over the East River (a.k.a. Bridge Over Troubled Waters.) Each golden space exists on the Etherium blockchain and is an open space for each owner to put his or her soon-to-be wholly unwelcome and indefensible if not totally obsolete "car". But here's the uncancelable bonus: your Brooklyn Bridge NFT doubles as a membership in the Art Club – an open community and imaginary, virtual and physical destination for sharing and creating, tethered to this historic structure (and its mirror image) like a thought balloon in a Krazy Kat comic strip reconfigured by the inverted spatial dynamics of a Bruce Nauman video.

The Brooklyn Bridge Art Club™ is a virtual community and space, headquartered at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge in the Columbia Waterfront district, New York. Membership is comprised of owners of Brooklyn Bridge Art Club NFTs (the Brooklyn Bridge NFT). All owners of BBAC NFTs become members of the Brooklyn Bridge Art Club free of charge and remain members as long as they retain their NFT ownership. Besides the open social platform, regular club activities will include discussions, presentations, games & prizes, and gatherings at Club headquarters at the edge of the Brooklyn Bridge in Columbia Waterfront, Brooklyn.

Elliott Arkin - After residing in the borough for almost 40 years, Arkin's new subject matter is not only a kind of self-portraiture but a new addition in his long history of commentary and satire. Arkin explains "I've seen all these incredible stories about art NFTs being collected by major buyers and selling for millions. I felt so left out and then wham!.....I thought why not bring legendary symbols and statements into the mix. What's a better way to encapsulate the NFT movement but to start selling the Brooklyn Bridge?". With Metaverse real estate sales reaching over 500 million last year and expected to double in 2022, Arkin feels he's been able to jump in front of the curve and is in great position in the coming years. " I have plenty of the bridges to sell savvy art collectors."

Robert Storr - For years I have been asking myself where the dividing line between the Modern and the Postmodern actually fell since so many of the ideas and attributes ascribed to the latter can readily be found in examples of the former. However, the past two years of epochal change and weirdness have convinced me that we have indeed definitively crossed over from one into the other - making a bridge the perfect metaphor for the long heralded paradigm shift. That said, the invention of the essentially immaterial, dimensionless but highly negotiable NFT (non-fungible token) has taken what we used to call art far beyond even its erstwhile postmodern status as a "simulacrum" of the modern into territory that has transformed it into a flickering phantom of its former self. So hell, if you can't lick 'em join 'em!!

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