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MIPS, But Half The Price? Outdoor Master Lead Way For Affordable Cycling MIPS Helmet

MIPS cycling helmets are expensive, high-end, and out of reach, but no longer! While all the brands sell MIPS cycling helmets for very expensive prices, we are, nearly recklessly, doing the complete opposite.

    DURATE, CA, April 20, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- -- On Outdoor Master® 's website, solid MIPS cycling helmets Gem are available in 10 colors for only $69.99 each, and that's not even all it has going for itself.

Outdoor Master® X MIPS, One of the Best Affordable MIPS Cycling Helmets.

Continuing Outdoor Master® 's success with the MIPS ski helmet Diamond and the skateboard helmet, Outdoor Master® now introduces the world's leading MIPS safety system into a $69.99 product. MIPS cycling helmet Gem.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection, this technology can be found in a variety of helmets, including ski helmets, equestrian helmets, construction helmets, and of course, cycling helmets.

The MIPS system is a low friction layer that fits between the EPS foam (that thick layer of foam that keeps your head safe) and the helmet liner, allowing for 10 to 15mm (about half an inch) of mutual sliding motion in all directions. This is done to limit the amount of torque that is transferred to your brain. Long story short, MIPS works by transferring some of the sideways energy into kinetic energy (motion) and preventing it from reaching your head, then your brain. It is currently the leading technology among helmet safety gears.

What does Gem do Besides Affordable Price and Ultimate Safety?

• 10 colors from which you can choose. With the price tag of sub-70 dollars, you could even get 2 of them in different colors!
• CPSC certification to ensure safe utilization for children.
• 250g (less than half a pound) Ultra-lightweight design.
• Comfortable wearing experience. FULL ponytail compatibility.
• Removable liners, so you don't have to suffer the smell of your own sweat.
• 25 vents, more than any other comparable product!
• Looks kinda nice, really.

So, this is it. The brand new Outdoor Master® helmet Gem.

Also, has anybody noticed that all our MIPS helmets are named after gemstones? Yeah, that was intentional.

Who are Outdoor Master®?

Outdoor Master® is an up-and-coming new brand that might not be known to all. But in ski resorts, you can easily find gears with Outdoor Master® printed on. On Amazon, our ski helmet Kelvin, and skateboard helmet are very popular, so popular that they have both won Best Seller in their respective categories with over 4.7/5 positive reviews. Meanwhile, our MIPS ski helmets Diamond are also well-received by the market. You've probably seen Outdoor Master® in the Olympic Games Beijing 2022 as they are the official supplier to the US Ski & Snowboard team, as well as the sponsor to two Olympic competitors, Noah Viktor (Germany) and Lara Wolf (Austria).

Why such a high share? Outdoor Master® has been introducing professional outdoor gear technology into mid-ranged price products for over 6 years. People want the good stuff and we make sure they spend fewer bucks for them. The reason? Nothing but passion. To encourage more people to participate in outdoor sports, we intend to lower the entry barrier of outdoor sports through fair price positioning.

"In the field of outdoor sports, gears with cutting edge technology," Outdoor Master® CEO LEO said, "and supreme quality often cost a considerable amount of money compared to less 'tech-intensive' products. This is extremely unfair. Price should never be a deterrence that pushes people away from the joy of the outdoors."

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