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NFT's New "Golden Moves" Collection Relives The Golden Moments of The World Salsa Championships, Will Share Profits With its Champion Dancers, and Owners Will Have The Chance to Win a Collector's Car

Today, celebrating International Dance Day, the World Salsa Championships announces the release of its NFT collection, "WSC Golden Moves" about the historic moments of each of the gold winners in the "Salsa Olympics".

"We are at an inflection point in redefining what the future of dance is going to be. Dancers deserve more than a trophy." Noel Roque, CEO World Dance Group

    ATLANTA, GA, April 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- July 1, 2022 is the official launch day for 23 NFTs representing the most spectacular 15-second routines of the gold winners in each of the ESPN World Salsa Championships competitions in celebration of its 15th anniversary.

It is a great opportunity for salsa fans to collect the most representative moments of professional salsa and at the same time support the talent of its dancers who have expanded the art of salsa dancing professionally to a dance sport.

This championship broadcast by ESPN has seen the birth of the best salsa dancers in the world and has followed their path of passion, discipline, and resilience to achieve the recognition they enjoy today.

These 22 ESPN World Salsa Championship gold winners are now world-famous artists who have also participated in other prestigious talent competitions such as America's Got Talent, World of Dance, Britain's Got Talent, and even the World Games.

The 22 NFTs include categories such as partner dance, group dance, and same-gender couples. All are champions in their category and as a bonus (NFT#23) is the internationally recognized world's oldest salsa dancer Paddy Jones, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest acrobatic salsa dancer in the world. As well as world-renowned couple Karen Forcano and Ricardo Vega who have won multiple international competitions and have expanded their career by being part of Jennifer Lopez's dance team.

Our 22 gold winners are not unique in their categories but each of them has a unique story to share because they started their careers young in the art of dance. Noel Roque, CEO of World Dance Group, says this launch "It's a way to celebrate the journey of our artists and immortalize their golden routines. It has always been our mission to inspire dancers and World Dance Group is a global showcase for them to exploit their talent to the fullest."

Each gold winner has had to deal with countless difficulties to continue practicing and evolving their technique over the years to build a solid career, an impeccable technique, and consolidate themselves as the best professional salsa dancers.

Through these rare and unique NFT salsa aficionados and fans of each of these talented dancers will have the possibility to own a piece of the history of each of their artists and own a unique certificate based on blockchain technology that allows them to verify their authenticity. Noel Roque confesses that "After the impact of COVID, when workshops had to be closed and events canceled, our company evolved to the use of virtual classes and even the creation of holograms that capitalize on new trends in augmented reality and artificial intelligence. We are at an inflection point in redefining what the future of dance is going to be. Dancers deserve more than a trophy. We are proud to be part of Web 3.0, to leverage blockchain technology, and to immortalize every moment in a unique NFT."

The 23 NFT pieces will be released through Open Sea and 15% of the proceeds will go to support the artists. Owners of each NFT will receive a certificate of authenticity and will enjoy benefits such as free access to virtual and live events, exclusive access to VIP experiences, access to music memorabilia, and early access to upcoming World Dance Group events. To stimulate the sale of the collective, a limited-edition Volkswagen Beetle with a fabulous Fender stereo will be raffled among all NFT owners if the goal of selling the entire collection by December 31, 2022, is met.

To join the presale:

World Dance Group
It was founded in 2016 by ex-Coca-Cola executive and Salsa enthusiast Noel Roque and is a producer of sports, music, and entertainment events including the ESPN World Salsa Championships. The WDG has produced 5 editions of the WSC in high energy venues and cities like Las Vegas, Disney, Hollywood, FLA and Atlanta ,GA. The 6th edition was scheduled to be celebrated in Puerto Rico but it was cancelled due to covid. To promote the talent of its dancers the WDG provides them with a world stage and technology with which they can develop their potential and internationalize their careers for greater economic benefits.

Open Sea

It is the NFT marketplace where you can attend the auction and own one of the 23 unique and rare NFTs.

Volkswagen Fender: ... dition-car

Contact information: Noel Roque
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World Salsa Championships Golden Moves NFT Trailer Drop in date: July 1st,2022. Produced by the World Dance Group.