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The Arya BioMed Corp has just released their first Portable Oxygen Concentrator

After more than 4 decades in the oxygen industry, a group of respiratory health professionals decided to band together and use the feedback of their more than 40 thousand oxygen users to refine, improve, and enhance the portable oxygen device.

The Arya Portable Oxygen concentrator weighs less than many portable laptops at just 5 pounds. It also has a pulse flow setting of 5 and a battery that goes for up to 8 hours on a setting of 2.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Advances
Those with COPD, IPF, or other chronic respiratory conditions, often require supplemental oxygen to prevent organ and cell damage from low oxygen saturation levels, also known as hypoxia. Being prescribed supplemental oxygen used to mean being largely homebound because small, metal canisters only hold a limited amount of oxygen, and larger tanks are too cumbersome to tote around. Flying, road trips, and even living an independent life was difficult, if not impossible.

With the advent of the portable oxygen concentrator, that all changed. Concentrators produce medical grade oxygen from ambient air. The air we breathe is roughly 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% various other gasses. The compressor will draw air in and filter out nitrogen and other gasses through medical sieve and deliver about 95% pure oxygen to the user via nasal cannula. This revolutionary device revolutionized the lives of those battling a chronic lung condition. It made travel and independent living possible again. Arya BioMed has made it their mission to improve on this technology to make it accessible to even more respiratory patients.

Many of their patients lamented that they don't like using heavy, cumbersome tanks, but at the same time are often intimidated by new technology. Arya Biomed saw a need for a small lightweight device that is state of the art, but wasn't confusing or off-putting to new users.

Lightweight and Easy to Use Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Co-founder of Arya BioMed, Duke Reeves says "Some portable oxygen concentrators are not as portable as patients would like. Many come with rolling carts to make them easy to move around but that still presents the problem of lifting them into the car or taking them up and down stairs. The Arya Portable Oxygen concentrator weighs less than many portable laptops at just 5 pounds. We also wanted it to be useful to the vast majority of respiratory patients, so it has pulse flow settings all the way up to a 5, which is more than enough for most users. Our concentrator offers sophisticated technology with intelligent delivery to keep patient's properly titrated, but we simplified its use so as not to intimidate those who are not used to that kind of technology."

As Reeves mentioned, in addition to being lightweight, the Arya brings intuitive operation and easy to operate controls to the forefront of its concentrator. The indicator screen located on top of the machine, features large, bold fonts and the screen is easy to see in all kinds of lighting conditions. All controls, charging and cannula ports, as well as the battery, can all be accessed without removing the protective case to make it functional and easy to use on-the-go.

Long Lasting Concentrator Battery
Even though Arya put an emphasis on mobility and lightweight portability, they didn't skimp on performance. Their concentrator boasts an impressive, up to 8 hours of battery life on a setting of 2. Users can also opt for a smaller battery which is a pound lighter but still can provide up to 4 hours of battery life on a setting of 2. If the patient wishes to travel or enjoy a leisurely evening with friends, they can get the longer lasting battery. For quick errands they can opt for the lighter battery.

Shop With Confidence
Like most industries, Durable Medical Equipment, or DME suppliers have mostly shifted to online distribution. Many respiratory patients are reluctant to make important purchases like this online. "Many of our patients have read about scams selling substandard foreign made machines that are not FDA regulated, like ours are," said Reeves. "They are worried about purchasing from an online retailer because if there is a problem, it might be hard to get help. We wanted them, first and foremost, to be able to shop with confidence so we put systems in place to ensure they wouldn't feel abandoned immediately after purchase."

Arya sought out some of the most trusted distributors in the industry. Their machines can only be sold by a small, select group of businesses that have proven over the years that they take care of their customers.

Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator Warranty Available
Arya Portable Oxygen Concentrators also have the best warranty in the business. There is an optional lifetime warranty on the machine itself and 5 years on sieve beds available. This is virtually unheard of with other concentrators who generally carry a 2 or 3 year warranty on the device, and no warranty on the sieve beds.

They have also chosen only distributors who offer lifetime phone tech support with each purchase. If there is a question about operation or an issue with the machine, the patient can simply call a toll free number and an American based technician will walk them through troubleshooting procedures and arrange to have the machine sent in for service, if necessary.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Made In The USA
To see the latest innovation in living with oxygen you can visit their website at Though the superior warranty and exceptional performance of this concentrator have made it extremely popular, there are still units available before the height of the travel season begins. In order to avoid many of the production and supply line snags plaguing the industry these past couple of years, the machine has been designed and is being assembled in the US.

AryaBiomed Corporation was formed by respiratory health professionals with more than 40 years in the business. After helping more than 40,000 oxygen patients retain their dignity, freedom, and independence used those decades of feedback and set out to improve outcomes and experiences for respiratory patients. They've spent years, re-thinking, refining, and improving oxygen devices and have just released their first portable oxygen concentrator.

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