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I find Myself in the Rhythm and the Tunes

PED1NE is the latest phenomenon in electronic music

    NEW YORK, NY, May 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- PED1NE is the latest phenomenon in Elctronic music. His music introduces a new chapter into Tech House music which is always refreshing. As a DJ, he is willing to push the boundaries of the genre of house music to another realm that would entertain both the mind and the body. DJ PED1NE knows how to introduce the old to the new and vice versa. We've been able to catch up with him and chat at one of his latest club performances. If you want to learn more about DJ PED1NE's experience as a DJ don't miss out on this article.

While being able to enter the competitive realm of the music industry and making a name for himself abroad, he is still in doubt about his success and as he states himself it feels so unreal to him at times:

"Well, it's an otherworldly experience! I have not quite gotten used to it yet. It still blows my mind away. I almost have to pinch myself to make sure it's all real."

When asked what he loved the most about his career as a DJ, he did not give a single answer. It was almost as if he was looking for words in his mind to describe his experience in the best way possible:

"Well, it's not just one thing. I love my job as a DJ because it allows me to create a good and fun experience for people, even if it lasts for just one night. I love the arena, the clubs, the lights, and such because it affords me to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world. And of course, it is the music! I find myself in the rhythm and the tunes."

When asked about what drew him to his musical genre, Electronic Dance Music or Tech House, in the first place DJ PED1NE for a brief moment was at loss for words and then continued:

"Wow! Where to start? You know, what makes Tech House music one of the best genres that have ever been introduced to the music industry is that it's not just one genre; it's so many musical themes all at once. You see, with electronic music you get to create a different experience with every tune and you get to expand that experience through the rhythm. Once you set out the tunes and some cords, the rhythm carries out the rest of the job. And you know that you have done it right if you start moving your body once you hear the music."

DJ PED1NE makes the job of a DJ look pretty easy as if there is nothing to it and everyone can do it. When pressed on, whether being a DJ is an easy job, he stated the following:

"Well, both yes and no. Being a DJ is not hard, once you love the music you make! As a matter of the fact, I feel so lucky to be able to do it for a living, and as I said, I can't believe it to this very day! But it only comes easy to those who have developed an ear for it."

He goes on to explain that before becoming a musician of any kind, you need to educate yourself on different musical genres and instruments for as long as you can. For instance, he started learning about house music long before he ever started producing his music. He listened to many artists and he listened to the rhythm and the base. "I did not want to rush it," he says, "I only knew I loved creating music, but I did not know how." He continues to say that he chose house music because it allowed him to explore different elements. "You sit for hours and hours long and sometimes even for days to create the right rhythm. With every cord that you switch or every tune that you add to the music, you create a vision; a vision that must come true. Once you get that vibe, you've hit the jackpot!" DJ PED1NE says.

He goes on to say that Electronic Dance Music has somehow dominated other genres of the music as well:

"It is always refreshing to see the advances in technology and transferring sound bites has led to this path that we can now create music without even touching a drum, guitar, or a piano. It wasn't so long ago when all of us musicians had to line up behind studio doors to record our music and hope to be recruited by some talent agency to become the next pop star. However, these days you can create your music in the comfort of your home and all you need is a laptop and proper music editing software."

DJ PED1NE believes that music, especially electronic dance music, is the ultimate cure for the soul: "It can't be so bad for you if upon hearing it, you start dancing and jumping around" he says. "If there is one thing that Electronic Dance Music gifted the world with was this out-of-body sensation that you experience every time you listen to it. It's like your soul cannot wait to be released out of your body and to find its rhythm on the dance floor" he says. "You may not like it, but house music is here to stay, and soon it will dominate other genres of music as well.

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