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Lash Money Series

A Key to Master the Art of Making Money

    MIAMI, FL, May 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lena Asher is the founder of LashMakers, one of the most renowned brands in the world of beauty that have redesigned the art of lash making and educated over 400 lash makers annually across the globe to promote only the finest products. Despite only targeting the enhancement of skills, the company now decides to completely take over the art of making money. For this, the company has launched an educational series, Lash Money, which aims to empower everyone in the beauty industry with her knowledge and educate them on all the finance and marketing dynamics required for successful entrepreneurship.

Lash Money doesn't deal with the lashes but with the money, the way to handle it, what to do with it, and most importantly, how to make it most effectively. No matter how much expertise a person acquires over his product, he cannot attain complete success in his business unless he understands and tackles the financial side of selling their products and elevating their brand to the next level. Lena Asher, the founder of one of the top leading beauty industry brands, is frequently asked about the secret of her remarkable success. Knowing the immense struggle required to single-handedly face ups of downs in her beauty journey, the hard way she took to self-educate herself, and after several trial and error, she decided to take this burden off of entrepreneurs by sharing her knowledge with the world and expertise to a much larger sector. It was then that the birth of the Lash Money series took place. It is an interview-style series consisting of 10 episodes, with each episode of almost an hour or so. The primary target of this series is not restricted to product quality enhancement but rather the ways to make money. It supplements the core idea that no matter how good your product is that you are selling, you are never going to make it to the top unless you crack the code of finances. This series is not only for the lash business but for the entire beauty industry that targets the financial, entrepreneurial, and marketing sides and all that makes up your business, a money-making business. Whether you are a full-fledged business owner, a small-scaled franchise owner, initiating a startup, in the process of hiring employees, or involved in any process of the marketing, promoting, and expanding a business, Lash Money will educate all about finance handling, construct and deliver a plan for it and bring all the strategies on the table to carry it all out such that your company turns out to the most profitable than it has ever been. Within the duration of total 12 hours series, it will cover all the financial dynamics that are fundamental to the growth of a business and step up your game to the next level.

Lena strongly believes in the power of helping and uplifting others. This is why she delivers an easy-to-understand platform with multiple captions available for understanding the insight into finances and detailed discussion on how to make money.

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