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Biblical Prophecy Expert Dr. Richard Ruhling Issues Warning For Christians: 5 Reasons For No Rapture May 16, 2022

Dr. Richard Ruhling is an expert on Biblical prophecy and is also the author of 'The Alpha & Omega Bible Code'

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, May 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Barry Awe issued a "Final Warning" for the Rapture on May 16 (YouTube) based on an amazing display of blood moons and Bible signs, but a false premise, according to Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on current events and Bible prophecy. Ruhling offers five reasons to expect a failed prediction for May 16.

1. The apostle Paul says "we shall all be changed…at the last trumpet," There are seven trumpets in Revelation 8,9 after a huge earthquake. They sound yearly after the earthquake, probably at the Feast of Trumpets. Any biblical phrase, like 'blowing of trumpets' can be found by searching a concordance like That Bible timing fit the US Senate approval of $760 billion bailout by tax-payers in 2008 when the stock market crashed for 10 days till the Day of Atonement.

2. Luke writes, "We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God." Rapturists ignore that text, saying it's not the 'great' tribulation, but it seems they aren't wanting believe what the Bible says.

3. The last church in Revelation is characterized as lukewarm, focused on possessions with Christ outside knocking at the door with the church described as poor Christians, not ready for a rapture and the church in Laodicea ended in an earthquake, 63 AD—an example for what's coming.

4. When Christ was asked about the end of the world, He said to understand the book of Daniel. There is no rapture in Daniel, but Christ was with Daniel and his friends through a fiery furnace and lion's den.

5. Rapturists cite parables expecting the wedding cake in heaven, but God took Israel to a covenant and later said, "Return, I am married to you." Paul twice offers the Exodus for our example when end-times begin.

God took Israel to the wilderness to prove what was in Israel's heart, and it wasn't good. The Bible says the heart is deceitful—we don't even know our own hearts. We aren't ready for heaven. We have some growing to do or we would start trouble all over again in heaven.

The US is like Egypt that enslaved Israel and threw their babies in the river. The US has enslaved most people in alcohol, tobacco and negative lifestyles, and has thrown 63 million babies in the trash since Roe v Wade.

God freed Israel from slavery in a jubilee event. Jubilees later came every 50 years. 50 years from Roe is 2023 when the earthquake in #3 above is expected. The 'heads up' sign will be Muslims taking Jerusalem. "The Lord shall roar from Jerusalem…the earth shall shake" and they will flee, but the earthquake triggers end-times and will impact the overdue San Andreas that's "locked, loaded and ready to roll," according to scientists.

Dr. Ruhling will appear on The Authors Show on Channel 6 Tuesday, May 10 at

Dr. Ruhling offers more information in his latest book, MegaQuake 2023, at Dr. Ruhling is available for speaking engagements and media interviews and can be reached by contact information below. More information is available at his website at

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

Dr. Ruhling graduated from Loma Linda University medical school and planning for overseas work, took a Masters Degree in Public Health. After Internal Medicine training and board certification, he also had a Cardiology Fellowship before teaching at Loma Linda's School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin reporting how a low fat, low cholesterol diet reversed heart disease and got 85% of patients off their drugs for diabetes and blood pressure.

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