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Isaac Toussie's Experience with Investment Vehicles in the Oil Industry

Financial instruments and investment vehicles are critical tools for the success of the economy that allow investors to purchase assets hand-tailored to their liking...

    NEW YORK, NY, May 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Financial instruments and investment vehicles are critical tools for the success of the economy that allow investors to purchase assets hand-tailored to their liking. Simple vehicles, such as stock or basic debenture bonds, allow investors to engage with major public companies. More sophisticated investments need skilled tailoring by individuals that have years of experience in the field. One specialist that has created numerous investment structures throughout his career is Isaac Toussie.

Toussie specializes in investment structures inside of the oil and gas industry as well as in land. He has structured investments for several companies in some of the largest oil companies in the world today. For example, Toussie created multiple investment vehicles and groups that made, and continue to make, investments into British Petroleum. In 2021, BP had revenues of $164.19 billion and an operating income of $18.08 billion. BP's net income in 2021 was $8.49 billion. The company employs over 60,000 employees, sustaining one of the largest workforces in 2021. Investments in BP could be extremely lucrative, especially given the BP advance into wind energy with its recent partnership with Equinor. Toussie has created similar investment platforms and strategies for individuals to invest in Chevron and Exxon, two of the most notable names in the oil industry. Toussie's ability to structure investments allows investors to benefit from the success of one of the world's largest oil companies.

Part of Toussie's creation of these investment vehicles comes with an analysis of risk. Each investment vehicle that he creates comes with a different degree of risk tailored to the particular investors that are spurring the investment. In order to ascertain risk, Toussie utilizes multiple tools to project the potential returns on the investment. One such tool is a sensitivity analysis. A sensitivity analysis method of assessing the risk of an investments by projecting multiple values for a given set of variables, like discount rate and output levels. By projecting multiple values for each variable, investors can have a better understanding of what could happen to their investment if certain events come to pass. The analysis incorporates the variability of certain factors and helps investors understand how their investment returns will change based on the change in the variables.

Toussie's ability to dissect investments in the industry, and identify undervalued assets, has led to his expansion into other parts of the industry. Notably, Toussie has consulted on several purchase and sale decisions and joint venture agreements within the space. Joint venture agreements are agreements between entities to accomplish a particular task. Joint ventures agreements create new companies whose sole purpose is to accomplish the task for which the venture agreement was established. These agreements are especially popular within the oil industry, because they allow companies to mitigate risk in excavation and drilling projects. Furthermore, joint venture agreements allow companies with potentially different specialties to pool their resources; this could lead to a highly efficient project, while still maintaining the individuality of each of the pre-existing companies. Toussie has also advised on complete purchase and sale decisions for companies looking to expand or exit the market.

Prolific knowledge of the oil industry dynamics is crucial for making sound investments in the field. Toussie's experience and incessant exposure to the major companies in the industry have provided him with the necessary skills and resources to create profitable investment vehicles. Toussie is always mindful of the importance of seeking hyper-green technologies and attempting to protect against and mitigate climate change whenever possible. He applauds big oils recent commitments to alternative forms of energy to supplement oil, along with safer and cleaner ways to extract and refine it.

This article is presented for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial or other advice.

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