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Kathi's Perspective: Author Katherine Batsis Shares Her Work, Views and More In Her First-Ever Series

Katherine Batsis, celebrated author, is proud to debut her brand new internet series, Kathi's Perspective, this week. It will focus on matters to do with her writing, past times, family, and more.

Up until now, my work has mainly been about [husband] Andy's life and our marriage together, but now I have the ability to explore even the outer limits of my other interests and passions.

    GREENFIELD, MA, May 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Katherine Batsis, known to friends as Kathi, is no stranger to good press. She has appeared in the mainstream media multiple times in press release campaigns, long-form interviews, book launches, and even larger-than-life Times Square billboard advertisements. So, it was not surprising when Kathi and her longtime production team decided that a web series would be a great next step. She believed it would be an effective and entertaining way to promote her current (and future) work, while preserving her legacy and honoring her late husband, Andrew's memory at the same time.

"I am so excited to share the first episode of my new show with everyone," confesses Katherine Batsis. "Up until now, my work has mainly been about [my husband] Andy's life and our marriage together, but now I have the ability to explore even the outer limits of my other interests and passions."

And explore she does! In the first episode, Kathi shares her unique perspective on various topics through the examination of her first book, a biographical marriage memoir called, Dr. Andrew Batsis, Husband! Dentist! Kiwanian! Santa Claus? This familiar subject matter serves as a veritable springboard into other areas of interest for Kathi, even though she expects that increasingly diverse ground will be covered in future episodes.

She explains: "I have so many interests, like speaking French, dancing, playing piano, knitting, and more. I can't promise I'll get to each subject in every episode, but that's the beauty of this show; there are no set rules. If the conversation takes us off course and we end up speaking in French, that's fair game!"

Just don't forget to bring along a translator for that one, Kathi!

The podumentary has proven to be the perfect format for Kathi Batsis, as hers is a very visual style of storytelling that lends itself nicely to vivid, thoughtful optics, and that's precisely what Kathi's Perspective provides audiences. Kathi & Co. aim to make each episode as visually and mentally stimulating as possible. The biggest challenge might be making sure all the visuals can keep up with the discussion, which sometimes moves quickly and without warning.

In the absence of the usual rules and boundaries—which can stifle meaningful, conversational exploration—Kathi as the show's host is free to bounce from one topic to another as it suits her. In one episode you might hear Kathi analyzing sections of her acclaimed book (as she does in this first episode) and in the next show she might be offering marital advice to anyone who wants to take it. The unpredictability is half the fun... and the other half is Kathi herself! Katherine Batsis is a woman of many interests and she intends to get as many of those interests into the show as humanly possible.

You'll likely notice straight away that Kathi sounds very comfortable running the show; that's because she has done plenty of online podcasts. However, Kathi's Perspective is her first time helming her own program and dictating the creative direction. This is also the first time that she will be able to break free of the restrictive audio-only format. Kathi's Perspective is a full-blooded, passionate feast for the eyes and ears, replete with one fascinating woman's singular take on loss, love and life. Simply put, Kathi hopes that her Perspective has something for everybody.

"Kathi's Perspective is the sum total of my life experience," explains Katherine. "I know Andy would be proud seeing me celebrate our love and marriage as I've done. Now, along with my websites, everything has a home, a single roof under which the Batsis legacy can grow and teach and entertain. Above all, I just want everyone to enjoy the show!"

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