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Novel Invention Factorially Improves AES-256 Encryption Security

The universally used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption can now be dramatically upgraded and customized by a patented technology called the Finite Lab-Transform (FLT).

You cannot go back in time to repair broken encryption. You have to take care of it now! -Peter Lablans -President/CEO LabCipher

    MORRISTOWN, NJ, May 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the world's most used encryption method for file, disk, e-mail, WiFi, VPN, TLS and other encryption. Cracking AES is a rich target for cyber criminals. Breaking AES would make most of the world's confidential encrypted data readable. Clearly, it is not in the interest of malfeasants to announce the successful breaking of AES.

Security of AES encrypted data is not only threatened by direct breaking of AES. Inside theft of keywords, cracking of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) generated keys, implementation mistakes and Quantum Computing are real current and future threats. Enormous amounts of money (about $150 Billion, according to market reports) will be spent in 2022 on cyber security. Still data theft is at an all-time high. And right at the time when enormous amounts of confidential data are moved in and over the Cloud by remote workers.

The best protection of stolen data remains applying ultra-secure encryption. Not only for protection now, but to protect against cracking of current confidential data in the future. A major concern for many cyber-security professionals. Especially as adversaries are "harvesting encrypted data now, for decryption later." An unsettling development taking place right now, according to cyber-security sources.

The USPTO has issued patent 11,336,425 on May 17, 2022, for novel ways of encryption based on FLT technology. The FLT technology applied to AES-256 improves its security on a factorial scale.

The term "factorial" is not widely known. Applying the FLT to 8-bit words in AES improves security with a factor expressed by a number with more than 500 digits. About the size of this press release. Applying it to 16-bit words improves security with a factor of over 280,000 digits or more than 75 pages to be printed. That is the significance of being "factorial". It is an improvement beyond any brute force attack, either by classical or by future quantum computers.

The FLT per patent 11,336,425 is being incorporated in a new cryptographic platform called LabCipher, currently under development. LabCipher includes factorially improved AES-256 for file and disk encryption and FLT-VPN. Confidential software testing has demonstrated the immense power of FLT-AES and FLT AES-GCM as well of FLTed SHA-256 hashing.

Peter Lablans, President and CEO of LabCipher, says: "AES encrypted data is under constant attack and is being harvested in anticipation of being cracked. Concerned CSO and IT executives should investigate possible AES alternatives now! Including LabCipher's FLT-AES. Remember: You cannot go back in time to repair broken encryption. You have to take care of it now! A trite truism that will hit home when your confidential data is not just stolen, but is read by cyber criminals. And you have to explain to customers and stakeholders how this could have happened."

FLT licensing or joint development may be available for certain markets. Please visit, contact [email protected] or call 201- 882-4402.

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LabCipher is a novel cryptography platform that provides factorially better encryption that is being developed in New Jersey. It is protected by a portfolio of USPTO patents. LabCipher is located in Morristown, NJ.

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