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Benefits of Refurbished iPhones

Refurbished Versus New: Which Should You Choose?

    DUBLIN, IRELAND, June 04, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- How often do you consider purchasing a refurbished iPhone when in the market for a new phone? Some people don't even consider the great option refurbished phones give them when they're in the market for a new iPhone. The fear is that refurbished isn't as good as brand new, while others simply might not even know that refurbished is an option in the first place.

Let's explore what refurbished means and the main differences between refurbished versus brand new iPhones. We will also describe the benefits of refurbished iPhones versus purchasing a brand new iPhone and how useful refurbished products can be.

What Does Refurbished Mean?
Refurbished products are products that have been given a new lease of life through a thorough process of repair to then be resold in the market. Simply put, the product you are purchasing (in our case, an iPhone) has been owned and used before.

However, don't let that stop you from possibly making a better decision than purchasing a brand new iPhone. All refurbished iPhones have been thoroughly cleaned, inspected, and given replacement parts when needed. Refurbished iPhones also receive a brand new battery when needed.

You won't even be able to tell the difference between a refurbished iPhone and a brand new iPhone when using it, aside from perhaps some slight damage on the casing if a lower quality refurbished phone is chosen, usually at an even further reduced price.

Types of Refurbished iPhones
Repair establishments and other businesses also sell refurbished iPhones. These devices can differ in condition depending on the length of ownership and the habits of the previous owner. Grade A iPhones were lightly used before refurbishment. Grade B iPhones were moderately to heavily used before being sold, but still have a long lifespan and therefore offer excellent value.

How Are Refurbished iPhones Useful?
Refurbished iPhones are just as useful as brand new iPhones. A notable aspect of Phonely refurbished iPhones is that there are options for iPhone payment plans. This is not like buying through a service provide, where you get locked into a long contract; instead you can simply buy the phone with 3 equal payments. You can you connect your current phone service to the iPhone or change to any new service you may want to without any limits, restrictions or contract.

Unlocked iPhones at a lower price
The phone is completely unlocked and not attached to any carrier's service or contract, which can be ideal for some people. Not only that, but since there's only one payment, you won't have to worry about keeping up with installments.
While we're talking about price, there's one thing about refurbished iPhones that most people would like. They cost less. Purchasers of refurbished iPhones enjoy a significant discount.

Practically brand new iPhones
The best way that refurbished iPhones are useful is that they are practically the same product as a brand new one. The main differences between refurbished and brand new iPhones are the purchase process and the fact that someone once owned the refurbished iPhone before you.

When you order a Phonely refurbished iPhone, you get the charger, warranty and a nicely branded box. You'll enjoy the same unboxing experience that a brand new owner would have.

Better for the environment
Purchasing a refurbished iPhone also helps the environment. Instead of the returned iPhone becoming additional e-waste, it goes back into the market through Phonely's refurbishment system. If you want an eco-friendly option, buying refurbished is the way to go.

Refurbished Versus New: Which Should You Choose?
Here we made a comparison to see the differences between refurbished and brand new iPhones.

Refurbished iPhones
• One discounted payment
• One-year limited warranty
• Completely unlocked
• Indistinguishable from brand new iPhones when held or used
• Good for the environment
Brand New iPhone
• Choice of one payment or payment plan options but at full price or with a lengthy and premium contract.
• One-year limited warranty
• AppleCare+ (Theft and Loss) (one payment or monthly)
• Creates additional waste

As you can see, there are just not many differences between refurbished and brand new iPhones. It's easy to see why some people prefer refurbished iPhones to brand new iPhones.

Refurbished iPhones: What We've Learned
Okay, we've touched on the definition of refurbished, the benefits and usefulness of refurbished iPhones, and whether it is better to purchase a refurbished iPhone over a new one.

There are virtually no differences between a refurbished iPhone and a brand new one besides the former being owned and used before.

There are many benefits of refurbished iPhones compared to a brand new iPhone, but in general, the main difference people consider is the price – is price important to you? Then choose the environmentally friendly option of a refurbished iPhone!

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