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Another Property SOLD as an NFT by MAVEN MLS

MAVEN MLS has partnered with EcoVillages.Life, in their eco-sustainability focused community they designed along the Caribbean Coast of Honduras, known as The Reef, to sell the first 'tiny home' as a Liquid Bitcoin based NFT.

"...Moving forward you will see all transactions taking place this way. No Escrow, no waiting at the bank. What MAVEN is doing now is how everyone will be transacting in the future."

    LA CEIBA, HONDURAS, June 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Much like the first ever property NFT sale in Latin America last week via the MAVEN NFT Marketplace and the MAVEN MLS division, this tiny home SOLD as a Non-Fungible Token resulting in many benefits to the buyer and the seller.

Juan Rodriguez, Financial Director for EcoVillages stated, "The way this transaction took place was incredible. MAVEN is providing a service that is not complicated, saving you time and money. The benefits of NFTing assets include nominal fees, and a secure instantaneous transaction, where as soon as the buyer purchases the NFT, the payment goes to the lister, the agent, the accountant and whomever else was to be paid through the sale. Moving forward you will see all transactions taking place this way. No Escrow, no waiting at the bank. What MAVEN is doing now is how everyone will be transacting in the future."

MAVEN MLS is also working with EcoVillages.Life on several of their other eco-sustainable designed communities like the beautiful waterfront resort community of Aruna, on the Caribbean Island of Ambergris Caye in the country of Belize.
Shauna Collister, Director of Business Development for MAVEN explained, "This is a very unique offering because it allows you to 'Build your own NFT'. You choose an available resort lot, decide which of the stunning EcoVillages designed home models you would like, and that defines the NFT to be minted. Then you can simply click to purchase the NFT on the MAVEN Marketplace, which is the legal ownership of the property through an LLC."

Continue to watch for news as MAVEN is working on more real world use cases for tokenizing assets and more.

MAVEN is an online NFT shopping platform for products, experiences, and causes. A marketplace where one purchases with Bitcoin and receives an NFT proof of purchase. MAVEN permits the sale of everything from Real Estate to Pickleball Paddles, to Supercar Experiences, to a Costa Rica Rainforest Conservation project and more. If it exists in the real world and can be sold under contract, MAVEN can represent it as an NFT.

MAVEN MLS is the Real Estate arm of MAVEN Group LLC.

What is an NFT: NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and it represents a digital asset, stored on a blockchain. It can be connected to a digital contract on the blockchain, providing increasing benefits and capabilities for contract automation.

What is Liquid: The Liquid Network was created by Blockstream and is a sidechain of Bitcoin that supports transfers of Bitcoin into and out of the system by means of a cryptographic peg. Bitcoin pegged into Liquid is referred to as Liquid Bitcoin or L-BTC. Liquid permits the addition of unique digital contracts to the blockchain.

Why was Bitcoin created: An individual or a group of people going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto issued a white paper to address the centralized control of money and the trust required in handling citizens' cash, after the 2008 Financial Crisis. According to the white paper, Bitcoin was created so people don't have to rely on government or financial institutions for financial transactions and, because it works on a proof-of-work methodology for tracking and verification of transactions, transactions cannot be altered, falsified, or manipulated. It is a peer-to-peer electronic exchange. This means people can send Bitcoin directly to one another without the involvement of a bank or other intermediary institution and their associated charges.

EcoVillages.Life Designs, markets and sells affordable, self-sustainable, eco-sensible and freedom-oriented residences in communities throughout tropical locations.

The Reef is a tiny homes community located in Gran Atlántida, on the beach of the mainland looking out at the beautiful world-famous islands of Roatan and Utila and is the perfect place for anyone looking for a change of lifestyle, a vacation home, or a rental revenue property. The homes that make up The Reef Ecovillage have been designed by experts to create a perfect blend of eco-sensible features, modern design, and practicality.

Aruna is the newest upscale eco-friendly canal and beachfront resort on the beautiful sun-soaked island of Ambergris Caye in the Caribbean waters of Belize. This EcoVillages designed community combines the best of the Caribbean's white sand and turquoise waters with environmentally conscious luxury designed homes.


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Shauna Collister
Business Development, Maven Group
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