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The 'Reha·Homecare 2022' for 'Healthy Life, Happy Life!' to be held at COEX... 93 companies to participate with 167 booths!

Major participating companies include InBody Co.,Ltd., a leading global body composition analyzer, Dot Co.,Ltd., a smart watch for the visually impaired, DaesungMaref, a limb compression rehabilitation device, Zespa Co.,Ltd.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, June 13, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Exceptional domestic and foreign medical healthcare equipment and the latest rehabilitation and welfare products were displayed at the 'Reha·Homecare 2022' Exhibition, held on June 9 (Thursday) at COEX Hall B.

Reha·Homecare 2022, co-hosted by the Korea Medical Device Distribution Association, the Korean Federation of Organizations of the Disabled, and WeExpo, will be held for three days until the 11th (Sat).

Under the theme of 'Healthy Life, Happy Life!', 93 companies submitted their entries forthe exhibition in order to contribute to the establishment of an environment for an advanced welfare society where people can live a happy and satisfying life by relieving the inconveniences of living in an aging society and improving the quality of life by creating a convenient living environment.

In addition, in preparation for an aging society in 2025,elderly and disability-friendly products such as home medical devices, smart health care equipment, rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment, and welfare products havebeen gathered in one place.The exhibition was held asa space for information exchange and for visitors to experience various products, in order to contribute to the revitalization and development of our elderly-friendly industry by recognizing the convenience and necessity of these products.

The main items on display in the exhibition are home medical devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, high-frequency therapy devices, assistive devices for the visually impaired such as dot pads, mobility-related devices such as wheelchairs and elevator-type evacuators, medical beds, portable toilets, height-adjustable sinks, elderly-friendly equipment such as spinal traction therapy machines, as well as construction materials necessary for medical and nursing facilities, and industrial products and services.

Major participating companies include InBody Co.,Ltd., a leading global body composition analyzer, Dot Co.,Ltd., a smart watch for the visually impaired, DaesungMaref Co.,Ltd., a limb compression rehabilitation device, Zespa Co.,Ltd., a leading health/beauty device company, SUNGDOMC, a rehabilitation treatment device, and disaster/disaster prevention company Asia FireProtection. In addition to the Central Assistive Technology Center for the convenience and safety of the disabled, convenient elderly-friendly products from companies such as Human Care, Care Mate, Mother's Hands, Zamo, Pin-S, and Wheeline are on display.

In particular, this year, the Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator Bio Center, Daejeon University VR Health Care Business Association, and Gimhae Biomedical Industry Promotion Agency joint pavilions will showcase new paradigm services for smart healthcare and healing industries as well as age-friendly products that combine BT and IT. There is also a lot of information on how to operate and expand day care centers, which have increasedsignificantly in recent years.

The Korea Health Industry Development Institute presented the'Elderly-friendly Industry Revitalization Plan'and held an industry meeting with National Rehabilitation Center 'Establishment of Health and Welfare Service Ecosystem for the Disabled', Daejeon University Smart Healthcare VR Business Group 'Digital Transformation of Rehabilitation Medical Devices', Konyang University Track Record Construction Business Group 'Plan to utilize Track Record for the establishment of virtuous cycle ecosystem,' and provided information on company support and the future elderly-friendly industry. The Korea Association of Occupational Therapists and the Korea Care Associationis also conducting supplementary training seminars for medical and nursing professionals.

In particular, the Korean Association of Product and Services for Senior citizensprepared seminars on topics such as 'Preparing for 100-year-old Era' and 'Dementia Prevention and CareTechnology Trends', which provided good information and knowledge on how to livea youthful elderly life, as well as information on how to revitalize and develop the elderly-friendly, rehabilitation, and welfare industry.

Special discount events from 8 companies will also be held for visitors at the exhibition, so it will be a good opportunity to make affordable purchases on the spot.

Meanwhile, Reha·Homecare 2022, hosted by the Korean Federation of Organizations of the Disabled, the Korea Medical Device Distribution Association, and WeExpo,under the theme of 'Healthy Life, Happy Life!' will introduce health, rehabilitation, and welfare tools to relieve discomfort. In addition, professional seminars such as Building health and welfare service ecosystems for the disabled in local communities in the new normal era, Invigorating the elderly-friendly industry in South Korea, and Digital conversion of medical rehabilitation devices, will simultaneously be held.

Reha·Homecare 2022 LIVE

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