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The World's First Wearable Ear Dehumidifier – DearBuds SE, Coming to Kickstarter this June

DearBuds SE is ear humidity control taken to a whole new level.

    NEW YORK, NY, June 22, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- CES Innovation Award winner "Linkface" is unveiling DearBuds SE – the wearable device that lets you regulate the temperature and humidity of your ears with the push of a button – on Kickstarter this June.

Earbuds and headphones have become essential items that we use every day. But when we overuse our earbuds, take a shower, or exercise vigorously, sweat and moisture builds up in our ears, causing them to burn up and give us all kinds of discomfort. And when the humidity in our ears goes up, our ears make more earwax. This makes our ears feel itchy, and also makes it harder to hear. That's when you use DearBuds SE. In just 1-3 minutes, DearBuds SE gets rid of any excess humidity and heat in your ear, and makes your ears feel like they're supposed to.

In 2021, Linkface launched their campaign for their original product and 2022 CES Innovation Award recipient, DearBuds, on Kickstarter. Now, Linkface is back with DearBuds SE – the DearBuds single edition, featuring improved app features, phone connectivity, and smart dehumidifying modes.

DearBuds SE uses air circulation technology to evaporate sweat and water, quickly dehumidifying your ear and bringing it to the right level of humidity. Simultaneously, DearBuds SE also creates perfect temperature conditions for quick, simple ear care.

After we use earbuds, take a shower, or participate in aquatic sports, many of us use a cotton swab or hair dryer to get rid of any excess water in our ears. But cotton swabs can irritate and damage the ear canal, and the loudness and heat of hair dryers makes them dangerous to put so close to our ears.

And if you're a parent, you're no doubt well aware of the struggle of getting water out of a kid's ears. Fortunately, DearBuds SE comes with a kids-size ear-tip, so you can manage everyone's ear humidity with a single product.

There's even a DearBuds app, which lets you monitor your ear humidity levels in real-time. High-precision micro sensors in the device analyze the humidity and temperature of the ear, then use a combination of light, heat, and air circulation for quick and safe moisture removal. Once your ear is dehumidified, the device will turn off automatically, so you won't have to worry about accidentally drying out your ears.

With Dearbuds SE, you have a choice of 2 different modes. Smart mode uses an algorithm that reads your ambient conditions and usage patterns for smarter dehumidifying. There's also a Manual mode, which lets you manually select between Soft, Normal, and Strong levels of dehumidifying.

Because DearBuds SE is placed directly in the ear, it uses a micro-magnetic levitation fan that emits very little noise. In DearBuds SE's strongest settings, the fan emits less than 35 dB of noise, making it no louder than a whisper.

But it's also equally important that only high-quality material comes in contact with our ears. Fortunately, DearBuds SE is made with 100% high-quality food grade silicone. This material is flexible, durable, and non-toxic. There's also a selection of 4 product sizes to fit your specific ear size and shape.

DearBuds SE uses a 85mAh battery, which gives it approximately 20+ uses over a single charge. When you need to charge the device, just use a USB-C charging cable, and it'll be fully charged in as little as 30 minutes. You can even charge DearBuds SE while it's stored in its case .

You can find DearBuds SE on Kickstarter this June, where its crowdfunding campaign will last for approximately one month.

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