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Paul Bruno's The Original Jeeps in Pictures Now Available at Amazon

Bruno's True Story Details In Actual Images How Three Car Companies Competed To Build America's First All-Terrain Vehicle Launching A Brand That Has Survived Over 80 Years

    HENDERSON, NV, June 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MFM Publishing announces the release of The Original Jeeps in Pictures, an image-driven story of how three companies competed to develop America's first all-terrain, ¼-ton, 4x4 vehicle, the Jeep, in 1940-41, helping the allies emerge victorious in World War II. The book is available exclusively at Amazon.

Written by award-winning author Paul Bruno, and in conjunction with Publisher Manuel 'Max' Freedman, The Original Jeeps in Pictures includes dozens of rarely seen photos and images from war pictures, to cars and roadsters of the era, to important members of the military and government, to key documents—some never before published, to pilot Jeep test models and more.

The book is designed for those who enjoy a highly graphic journey, rather than a lot of words, through a key period in American history. It serves as an ideal companion to Bruno's first two books, The First Jeep (2014) and The Original Jeeps (2020), and presents a highly illustrative read for any historian, student-young or old, automotive buff, Jeep fan, or World War II enthusiast.

"We tell the story in images of the American Bantam Car Company, Willys-Overland Motors, Inc., and the Ford Motor Company, who all dared to meet the challenge to build pilot models, and eventually production models, of this vehicle," Bruno said. "Their journey throughout 1940 and 1941 comprises a story from which legends come. Overcoming incredible challenges and long odds these firms built the original ¼-ton truck 4x4 "lights", later known as the iconic Jeep. A brand that has stood the test of time for over eighty years."

"The Original Jeeps in Pictures enhances the opportunity to understand how special and extremely difficult it was to create the vehicle that had a major impact on our victory in World War II," said Bruno. "The period of 1940-41 was a bleak time in American history. The country was still in the midst of a deep recession during the Great Depression. Meantime the spring and summer of 1940 witnessed the resounding defeat of the French Army and British Expeditionary Force at the hands of a modernized German Army, designed to take advantage of the latest advances in technology."

"Germany had mobile vehicles, tanks used in formation to puncture enemy lines, as well as close air support of ground forces. The evacuation of the British from Dunkirk, and the final defeat of their French ally in June 1940, left only a thin line of English fighter planes between that island nation and total defeat."

Bruno adds, "While events unfolded rapidly in Europe, leaders of the United States Army, decimated by demobilization and budget cuts after World War I, knew they were completely unprepared for this new type of mobile warfare, called Blitzkrieg or lightning war".

Experts in the Army had worked from the end of World War I to develop a combined light weapons carrier and command/reconnaissance vehicle—but with limited success. In June 1940 the military compiled a list of requirements for a revolutionary new truck to replace the mule, and motorcycle with sidecar, as the Army's primary method for moving troops and small payloads.

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About Paul R. Bruno
Paul Bruno is a highly knowledgeable expert on the earliest history of the origins, design, development and implementation of the Jeep vehicle. He has spent over twenty years researching, writing and studying early Jeep history. Supplementing his research with visiting key sites in the story, he wrote the 2014 book, Project Management in History: The First Jeep. After additional research he completed The Original Jeeps in 2020. His third early Jeep history book, The Original Jeeps in Pictures, presents the amazing tale in images—truly bringing the creation of the Jeep alive as never before.
Paul has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of project management and information technology. He holds bachelor's degrees in management and computer software as well as a master's degree in business administration and history.

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