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What's Happening in the Crypto Market Right Now, and Why is Everyone Interested in DeFi?

Crypto winter — ever heard about it? If not — just take a look at the top coins' dynamics, and it will all become clear

    JAKARTA, INDONESIA, August 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Why are people selling their crypto assets?

DeFi liquidity pools soon to finance small businesses in exchange for fiat and even stocks. Currently the DEX platforms allow access to only cryptocurrency-based liquidity pools, and Narfex is poised to change it all!

Narfex is a recently launched cryptocurrency platform and it has something big to offer. Its primary product is a utility token known by its listed initials 'NRFX', being developed into possessing the ability to participate in DeFi liquidity pools, which traders and small businesses can access using their fiat currencies and stocks directly. Created by a young team of developers, Narfex will provide a modern DEX system in a fast and easy way to acquire traditional liquidity on DeFi platform.

"Our mission is to create a DeFi platform with Fiats and stocks based liquidity pools," the developers state on the token's official website.

Could they create a real decentralized fiat liquidity pools? Can this become the new way of public trading of traditional markets on Blockchain?

The team have taken the challenge and are working tirelessly to create a DeFi exchange protocol with fiat exchange based on liquidity pools, hence offering a clear bypass to the time-consuming and paper-intensive conditions of traditional banks and exchanges, as well as providing a much needed ease of use to the less tech-savvy liquidity seekers.

The developers believe this change will lead to connecting real world assets to DeFi liquidity pools, providing not only high returns to traders but also quick financing to small and medium businesses around the world. Narfex, achieved excellent results in the progress of P2P fiat exchange and community adaptation to the DeFi space.

Moreover, the team gonna create fiat exchange algorithms into smart contracts, and make the process community driven. This innovation could change the fiat to crypto exchange process in whole the market, as anyone could create pools and get the benefits of fiat exchanges on he's currency troth the protocol.

For more details read the article from the CEO of Narfex Inc. Ghairat Yousuf ( ... 38176efe3b)

Narfex Inc. is the core organization dedicated to supporting the stability of the ecosystem being created and its technologies. Narfex Inc. is the core team, maintenance and primary liquidity provider for the Narfex ecosystem. Narfex Inc. include in itself several agent companies in different countries which's providing operations in the ecosystem and cooperation with fiat exchanges.

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