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Elevations RTC Helping Both Students And Their Families

Elevations RTC is at the forefront of providing teens with the opportunity to get treatment and therapy to help cope with the ever-changing world around them.

    OGDEN, UT, June 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Being a teenager has never been a walk in the park. Today, teens struggle with myriad issues - family, peers, school, social acceptance, and identity. You name it, America's teens are likely to be conflicted with it.

These issues require careful attention and practical solutions, given that they significantly impact teens' mental health.

Since 2014, Elevations RTC has been at the forefront of providing teens aged 13 to 17 the opportunity to access timely and effective treatments and therapies to help them learn to cope and arm them with the necessary skills to build better relationships and live healthier lives.

Elevations RTC: What It Can Offer

Elevations RTC, located in Syracuse, Utah, is a teen residential treatment center. The program caters to teens of all genders, providing innovative approaches and strategies in mental healthcare. It is also a member of NATSAP and Joint Commission approved.

As a residential treatment center, Elevations RTC guarantees highly professional and intensive interdisciplinary programs that range from individual, group, and family psychotherapy, carefully designed recreational activities and college-preparatory education.

The campus within the facility provides students with the safest environment available where they can learn, interact, and thrive as individuals and members of a group.

Getting Families Involved

Elevations RTC's programs target areas that struggle. The Syracuse facility was built as an intentional facility, creating a healing therapeutic community.

The quality of care is elevated above industry standards to ensure students receive only the therapies and strategies that work best for their needs. Elevations RTC has also gotten families involved in student therapies to ensure a more intensive and practical approach.

According to Elevations RTC professionals, family-based therapies help improve the outcomes of student therapies. Students can work in a therapeutic environment supported by people they trust and care about.

Knowing that they are within an environment that prioritizes their well-being and health, students are more likely to become more confident and willing to participate in educational opportunities. When students are emotionally, mentally, and psychologically ready to reconnect and rebuild, they are far more likely to succeed at their efforts and be capable of sustaining their progress long after they have left the center.

How Student Performance Affects Their Families

Every student's success is the success of their respective families. Elevations RTC believes in multi-pronged approaches to provide students with a solid foundation to start anew.

Their family and support unit are critical factors that allow students to succeed in their efforts. When the time comes that they will have to leave Elevations RTC, the staff will strive to equip students with the correct values, skills, attitudes, habits, and behavior that will allow them to live healthy and productive lives.

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