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The Story of Establishing Peace in Mindanao, Philippines: Korean Lee Man-hee Begins the Fruits of Peace by Turning "Weapons of Destruction into Living Tools"

The region of Mindanao in the Philippines had been stricken with civil war, the bloodiest domestic conflict in Asia's history, until HWPL's Lee Man-hee established peace in 2014. The annual commemoration of this event attracted global attention.

"For the sake of an end to war and peace in the global village, we are transcending borders, races, and religions." - Lee Man-hee

    MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES, June 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lee Man-hee, president of the international peace organization "Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light" (HWPL), has been attracting attention for his groundbreaking peace achievements by proposing the answer to peace focused on "enacting international law to end war" and "unifying religions." As a South Korean citizen and war veteran, his focus on enacting worldwide peace is to "Let us achieve a world of peace without war and pass it on as an eternal legacy to future generations." The peace tours of Representative Lee Man-hee have brought emotion and hope to the global village with the message "Peace, you must do it".

In January 2014, the 84-year-old Korean peace activist presented peace to the island of Mindanao, Philippines, where he risked his life only to establish peace. The seeds of peace sown in Mindanao, Asia's bloodiest conflict zone, have been growing and bearing the fruit of peace for years.

Lee once again chose the Philippines as the location for the 24th Peace Campaign. His most recent visit to the Philippines was his 7th trip to the island of Mindanao. Lee led the Catholic-Islamic civilian peace agreement in Mindanao on January 24, 2014, which was the key to ending the bloody 40-year conflict and establishing peace among the people.

In 2015, the state of Magindanao, Mindanao, established January 24 as HWPL DAY (World Peace Declaration Day) every year and erected a monument commemorating the peace established with the help of HWPL. Later, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), an Islamic rebel group, also joined the wave of peace that began in Magindanao. On January 24, 2016, the second anniversary of the civilian peace agreement, the HWPL Day Declaration and the World Peace Monument unveiling ceremony were held inside the MILF garrison in Sultan Kudarat in Mindanao.

Lee headed to the MILF garrison on the same day, located 1 hour from Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines. But as he headed to the MILF garrison, he saw an incredible sight. While traveling a distance of 20 km, an enthusiastic welcoming crowd all lined up. It was no exaggeration to say that everyone in Mindanao had gathered.

A week before the event, citizens of Mindanao took to the streets as they heard the news of the HWPL and MILF peace agreement every day via radio and television. A procession of 200 vehicles and motorcycles followed, the same type of caravan when the President-level State Treasurer visited.

After an hour of enthusiastic hospitality, Lee arrived at the MILF garrison, a conflict zone where civilians are not allowed. The MILF soldiers honored Lee by saluting without movement for 10 minutes.

The amazing spectacle didn't end there. With a crowd of 10,000 people with no end in sight, the venue was on its feet. It was a hot mid-summer weather, but the eagerness of those who waited for peace was unstoppable.

Mr. Lee said, "For the sake of an end to war and peace in the global village, we are transcending borders, races, and religions. Just as the light and rain and air in the sky give life to so many things, this man is also striving for the work of peace to be done for all."

"We are a family of peace who will achieve the peace born in this age. If a world of peace were to be achieved, God the Creator would come to this earth to rule," he said, adding, "Ladies and gentlemen, do you want conflict? Do you want peace?"

Lee said, "God is peace and love. And it is life. Now the President and us will work together to accomplish the work of peace," he said., "We are all children of God. Today, this sight will shine on the world."

MILF President Al Hajj Murad Ibrahim then announced that he declared January 24 of each year as HWPL DAY. MILF also signed a peace treaty to work together with HWPL, pledging to unite in peace. There was also the unveiling of the World Peace Declaration Monument in the center of the MILF garrison.

Governor Ishmael Mangudatatu Magindanao, who first erected a monument in Mindanao, said, "I couldn't put into words the overwhelming feeling when Lee said, 'Let's find peace with me. I have never seen anyone so devotedly do peace work for humanity."

Many media reporters who covered the scene requested a press conference. Speaking on the occasion, Lee said, "The answer (to achieve world peace) was a promise that the one who does the first thing will be with you. And another of the answers that can be achieved is an end to war. International law needs to be enacted to end war. Religion must also become one in God."

"Former and current presidents and Supreme Court Justices who attended the session promised to act to enact international law. The religious leaders promised that religion would become one in God," he said, "and they called on heaven and earth to bear witness and to promise before God before all the people of the world. We are still keeping that promise."

After the press conference, President Ibrahim pledged cooperation for peace that would end the war and eliminate the production of weapons. "I would like to say just one word to the regions where there is currently war and conflict. Leaders of all organizations must join and cooperate with the HWPL Peace Movement to realize world peace that ends war. We support the reunification of Korea. Through this representative, I saw that the Republic of Korea is a wonderful country."

Earlier, Chief Police Officer Victor de Leon Ninoy Aquino International Airport also announced that he was launching a "Philippine Airport Police Weapons Return Campaign." He listened to the representative's message of peace and wondered what he could do, and then launched the weapons-return campaign.

He said: "The deeds of this representative for peace in Mindanao have been a great example to all of us. Your precious efforts will indeed end the conflict in Mindanao. In the midst of this struggle, I also want to be used as an instrument of peace."

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