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Dr. Barbara Taber Releases the Highly Anticipated Second Installment of Cold Civil War, Tackling Big Issues of Today

Esteemed educator, author, and political commentator, Barbara Taber, Ed.D., unveils the latest episode of her 'Take It Or Leave It' web series at a time when the country needs it most.

Our rights—voting and otherwise—are being trampled daily by a far right movement that is gradually, not-so-quietly taking over our country from within.

    SUFFOLK, VA, July 06, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- These are times of American division like never before. For many, Monday's Independence Day celebration was bittersweet, like a wedding anniversary on the eve of all but certain divorce. With the Supreme Court rolling out one controversial decision after the next, inflation at record levels, and a catastrophic war raging overseas, all of us are like children in this American Divorce. Some are confused, many are angry, and every one of us is involved.

In times like this, it's tough to make sense of what's going on, and it's easy to play the blame game. Dr. Barbara Taber is famously reliable for helping us do better in both areas. For several years, her podumentary series, Take It Or Leave It, has pushed for a sane and sensible democracy in line with our founding values and principles. While this bar shouldn't be so high, it is, yet Taber's tireless efforts continue, because she cares that much about our wonderful country and all of its glorious possibilities. Her web series has been there every step of the way since its inception in order to guide and inspire all those who tune in.

Now, in 2022, we are in deeper, choppier waters than ever before. It is no exaggeration when Dr. Taber says that our centuries-old republic is on the cusp of being roiled again, this time beyond repair. The right blames the left, the left blames the right, and we're all stuck in the middle, doing our best to piece it all together with morsels of information made available to us by the mainstream media.

Well, Dr. Taber operates outside of that mainstream, and she makes the complex understandable. She watches carefully and critically as the swirling whirlwind of breaking news moments swallows up the nation. Occasionally, she jumps from the sideline into the arena—as with her hit episode 2020 Division—and she's doing it again with its de facto sequel, Cold Civil War. Except this time, she is even closer to the political crossfire in her recently-swung swing state of Virginia.

"Things are happening in my state and all over the country that fall somewhere between treason and outright authoritarianism," explains Dr. Taber. "Our rights—voting and otherwise—are being trampled daily by a far right movement that is gradually, not-so-quietly taking over our country from within."

How can this happen with Democrats holding both chambers of Congress and the presidency? Dr. Taber believes it is taking root on a local level in pockets all over the country, facilitated by a Supreme Court whose balance was shifted massively by the three Trump justices.

Dr. Taber adds: "I do not agree with terrorizing or harassing anyone at all, justices or not, but something needs to be done at the ballot box. Women's rights, our kids' safety, and the climate are all on the ballot in 2022 and 2024. Now, we just need Biden and his party to focus and start doing what Americans want, not what they think we want. Now is the time for positive, decisive action."

Barbara Taber covers all this and more in the latest episode of Take It Or Leave It, which also happens to be the second installment of the wonderfully received Cold Civil War miniseries. Even if you don't follow politics or particularly care about current events, it's worth tuning in, because these are not ordinary times, as Dr. Taber reminds us regularly. More than anything, she wants you to pay attention to what's happening around you right now—and class is in session!

To watch the latest episode of Take It Or Leave It, please click here.

To check out Dr. Taber's debut book in real time, follow this link.

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