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Isaac Toussie Donates to Special Education Institutions

Isaac Toussie saw how the special education systems available to many special needs students were lacking and wanted to get involved.

    NEW YORK, NY, July 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The need for special education has increased exponentially, yet many children still struggle to find the help that they need. Children with special education needs exist on a spectrum; some require additional help within a standard educational setting, while others require special schooling in more individualized institutions. Isaac Toussie saw how the special education systems available to many special needs students were lacking and wanted to get involved. "Though I am fortunate that my own children have been blessed with the ability to reach honor roll achievement, I recognize that other children may need certain resources to better position them for success," he stated. These children are often forced to rely on state funded programs that don't fully encompass their needs. Others are not even aware of state programs that could help their children. Toussie recognized the severity of the problem and set out to elevate local institutions through targeted donations.

Toussie generously contributed to The Friendship Circle, an organization that assists over 3,000 individuals with special needs through recreational, social, educational and vocational programming, per their Mission Statement. Some of their programs include Soul Trips, Fall Basketball Clinic and Life Skills. The organization fosters friendship and joy for those with special needs who might not be able to do so through schooling.

A similar organization that Toussie contributed to is Otsar Family Services. Located in Gravesend, Brooklyn, Otsar helps individuals of all ages with special needs. Otsar utilizes cutting edge technology within advanced learning programs to help individuals effectively function within the world at large. Contributions like those from Toussie put the organization on their feet. In a letter to Toussie, a representative of the organization wrote that "It is concerned individuals like you that have made Otsar what it is today."

Some families require more personalized aid through at-home workers and particular medical plans. Because of this, Toussie was driven to contribute to an organization named Hand in Hand Family Services. A not-for-profit human services agency, Hand in Hand Family Services seeks to help families receive the necessary care for individuals with developmental disorders. With the help of the agency, families are able to attain services to help their children grow.

Toussie's most recent contribution has been to the Special Children's Fund. His donation was directed to the education of a disabled child who is a member of a single parent household. Toussie's benevolence was spurred by witnessing the struggles of the families that the fund supported. The fund generally targets families that cannot afford the necessary care associated with raising a disabled child.

Toussie's contributions to special education providers, funds and services have helped an uncountable number of individuals that struggle daily with the financial challenges of disabilities. Donations like these originate much needed happiness and life for those that might not attain it otherwise.

This article is presented for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial or other advice.

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