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Bioionix Inc Has Been Bought By a New Investment Team Bioionix LLC

The Innovation Pioneers in Non-Liquid Disinfection are Positioned as the Best Insurance for Food Safety

The new investment team of BIOIONIX LLC will allow us to accelerate our market growth and position us as the obvious nonchemical solution for Food Safety.

    MADISON, WI, July 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The new Investment team of BIOIONIX LLC has purchased all assets of BIOIONIX INC. The new organization will be built on the proven technology platform developed in the last 12 years. Using patented and AI technology, the BIOIONIX system enhances and monitors many food safety processes, eliminating costly chemicals/disinfectants and human errors, along with an AI monitoring system for preventative system failure and disease outbreak.

Former engineering manager and newly appointed President Ryan Karns updated that, "In the last 12 years, we have turned a concept and passion for food safety into a proven technology. We have many successful installations worldwide on four (4) continents in Cheese, Processed Meat and Aquaculture. The new investment team of BIOIONIX LLC will allow us to accelerate our market growth and position us as the obvious nonchemical solution for Food Safety."

Longtime employee and Vice President of Food Safety and Business Development John Van Arsdale stated, "Our ability to safely produce Bioionix SuperOxidants™ in our enclosed chambers, virtually eradicates many harmful pathogenic bacteria, yeast /mold, spoilage organisms and red tide -- that are the nemesis of food production. Our systems are so versatile and have numerous applications such as cleaning incoming seawater, brine systems in recirculating tanks along with safely disinfecting wastewater that is returned to the sea and many other applications. We have recently received FCN Food Contact Notification approval from the FDA single use as an antimicrobial agent in an aqueous solution in the production and preparations of whole or cut meat and poultry; processed and preformed meat and poultry; fish and seafood; fruits and vegetables; plant-based proteins used as meat substitutes; shell egg and cheese."

New investor and Chief Vision Officer for both Bioionix LLC and Mad (Making a Difference) Loafers, John McBride claims that Bioionix has spent millions in the past 12 years on their proven patented technology. This product had been marketed as a cost-effective solution to chemicals, when really it is a data-based AI monitoring system and controls many of the most critical processes in food safety. Our systems and monitoring will give our customers clear and accurate data on their commitment to food safety and transparency to all consumers who purchase their products.

Jennifer McBride, also a new investor, who is the CEO of Mad Loafers and will be the acting CFO for BIOIONIX LLC, outlined that the company has already upgraded its computer software system on the day of closing accurate inventory and build assemblies. With the influx of new money, we have already invested in inventory and parts to support our growth projections. Our goal for existing and new customers is to supply the best technology with the best support and service. Our goal is to position ourselves as the best insurance you can have for FOOD SAFETY.


John & Jennifer McBride are investors and entrepreneur's living in Chippewa Falls, WI. As co-founders of VES Environmental Solutions, they sold their company in October 2020 to Turntide industries. Turntide is backed Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Robert Downey Jr. and many other high-profile investors. Acting as CEO and CFO, John and Jennifer were able to position VES in 12 short years as the premier technology leader in Environmental Controls in the global dairy industry. John has been using his business and engineering background for the past 40 years where he has been instrumental in the success and growth of many companies in Canada, USA, UK and China. Jennifer's strong marketing and accounting background including international logistics, customs and business, positioned VES in over 40 countries.

Today they co-founded a new company called MAD Loafers, LLC. where MAD stands for "Making A Difference." This new company invests into unique companies that will help make the world a better place. One recent investment is a new educational platform called Generations Academy that will produce the future leaders of our community and influencers of the world.

Bioionix is pleased and honored to have Richard Pavelski join the board. Dick is fourth generation on a central Wisconsin farm settle by Polish immigrants. The farm has grown exponentially and works closely with the University Agricultural Research Station at Hancock, WI, and also is home to the Frito-Lay Global Potato Storage Research Facility. Dick is CEO of Heartland Farms, and is owner and or investor in several other companies. He is an advisor to the WI Institute of Sustainable Technology and founder of Farming for the Future Foundation.

His career long experience in starting, growing and selling companies in global agricultural, chemical, and fertilizer markets makes him a strong addition to Bioionix.

About Bioionix, Inc. – Bioionix LLC headquartered in McFarland, WI, USA, is a technology platform company that develops, manufactures and distributes proprietary electrolytic systems to eliminate pathogens and other microbials from water. In the area of seawater treatment, the company has developed a breakthrough for water microbial safety and reuse without chemicals which can affect taste, safety and quality. The Bioionix system uses specialized catalysts to directly disinfect water, brine and turbid processing liquids by generating a powerful combination of reactive oxygen and activated chlorine species directly from the liquid itself. These Bioionix SuperOxidants™ attack microbials by complementary methods of action, including direct DNA destruction, cytoplasm impairment, and cell wall disruption. Other SuperOxidants™ provide powerful residual disinfection throughout the processing systems.

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