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The Convenient Truth about Climate Change

Considering the enormous economic and national-security impact involved in the restriction of fossil fuel consumption, it is time to take a serious look at why this is being done!

Quite simply, without CO2, life on Earth would come to a relatively sudden end!

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- By Steve Sayre

Steve Sayre holds a BA from CSUN, a MA from Pepperdine University, and is currently a PhD candidate. He has served in a top-secret capacity for the United States military, as a private investigator, and on special assignment as a U.S. Marshal. Sayre completed combat training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and is a graduate with the highest honors from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA.

This article will explain based on recent scientific findings: (1) why fossil fuels are not causing global warming/climate change; (2) that fossil fuels are actually green energy that promote plant growth (not some toxic manmade substance) and; (3) that the carbon dioxide [CO2] emitted by fossil fuels is part of the healthy cycle of the Earth's ecosystem.

The truth is that CO2 is not a threat to mankind; in fact, it is an absolute necessity to all life on this planet. Quite simply, without CO2, life on Earth would come to a relatively sudden end.

The following data will explain the scientific reality and the convenient truth about "Climate Change."

It is important to realize that the theory of global warming/climate change is based on the concept that manmade CO2 emissions are causing the Earth to warm predominately due to fossil fuels, which, according to the climate-change theory, will soon cause an end to all mankind.

There are many factors that cause the global climate to change; one of the most impactful is the tilt of the Earth's axis, which was one of the key contributors to the Ice Age as well as a key contributor to the subsequent warming of the planet, although, for some reason, this influence is never even factored into to the global warming/climate change theoretical constructs. Nor is the fact that planting substantially more trees and other plants (aquatic and land-based) would drastically lessen CO2 in the atmosphere just as these plants so effectively do today and have done so for many millions of years.

In addition to the above, in 2017, NOAA published an article titled "Study: Global plant growth surging alongside carbon dioxide." The article reveals that research conducted by a NOAA scientist and a team of scientists from the University of California, Merced, determined that "as emissions of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels have increased since the start of the 20th century, plants around the world are utilizing 30 percent more carbon dioxide (CO2), spurring plant growth." Accordingly, plants are already taking care of the problem of increasing levels of CO2 as a natural part of the Earth's ecosystem—and the plants are growing larger, more abundant, and more efficient while doing so.

The truth is that CO2 is not only not a threat to mankind, but an absolute necessity to all life on this planet.

The reality is that fossil fuels are literally derived from green energy as they are all plant-based fuels. These green-energy, plant-based fuels include oil, petroleum, natural gas, and coal—all of which come from prehistoric decomposed plants and animals.

CO2 constitutes only 0.0400 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. This tiny trace amount of CO2 is what creates the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants known as photosynthesis, which is where plants separate the one carbon atom and the two oxygen atoms from the CO2 molecule. The plants use some of the carbon atoms in CO2 for the plants' own nutrition and then release the rest of the carbon to fertilize the soil. Concurrently, the plants release the oxygen atoms from the CO2 into the atmosphere for animals to breathe (including human animals), which animals subsequently expel CO2 for the plants to absorb—and the process repeats itself ad infinitum; if it does not, life on Earth will come to a relatively sudden end.

The simple fact is that if CO2 was not in the atmosphere, there would soon be no oxygen and, consequently, all life on Earth would rapidly cease to exist. Plant life would also cease to exist without CO2 to nourish it. In other words, politically-demonized CO2 is actually the very foundation of all forms of life on Earth. Without CO2, there would be no animals, no plants, and no human beings; effectively, the planet would be a barren wasteland.

In summary, the more CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere, the more plants and trees grow. Concurrently, these plants and trees become more efficient at consuming CO2 and producing more oxygen for animals to breathe. This is the global ecosystem that makes life on Earth possible as well as how the planet keeps CO2 in the right balance. CO2 is a life-sustaining nutrient for both plants and trees. Quite simply, there is no climate crisis. There is only a crisis of understanding or a deliberate distortion of scientifically-proven principles.

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