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EP Includes new re-mixed version of "TRISTAR" now airing as theofficial opening theme for the re-broadcast of the popular anime series "Muv-Luv Alternative"

    LOS ANGELES, CA, July 15, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Producer, Singer-Songwriter R・O・N's project STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has digitally released the complete collection of the song "TRISTAR" on July 13th, being only available on music streaming platforms.

"TRISTAR" was the official ending theme song for the popular anime series "Muv-Luv Alternative".
Due to high demands, the anime had recently been announced to be re-broadcasted starting July 6th, 2022. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION had completely re-arranged the original version of the song, titled "TRISTAR (Japanese ver. – Muv-Luv mix-)" for the official opening theme of the re-broadcast.

The new song is full of new challenges for STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION. As the chorus melody repeats, "Do what I want and do what I need", stimulates the earworms, it draws the charm of the lyrics and the track itself like no other songs he has created. What's more to pay attention to is the strong melody and arrangement ideas. As the solid beats strongly supports the core roots, with shining synths and the gentle enveloping vocals are intertwined, just listening to the song makes you feel cozy as your heart bounces in the flow. STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION's unique sound-making technique of treating his vocals as an instrument constructs the song not only as just pop but stylish.

Japan's top charting artist STEREO DIVE FOUNDATIONS continues in producing new forms of stimulating progressive music.


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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION is the sound making project of songwriter/music producer and former rock band OLDCODEX member R・O・N who produces various sound contents and music for varieties of popular Japanese artists and Anime series. In addition to his talent as a multi - player of various musical instruments, he also is a Sound Artisan who produces a track with the futuristic synth work and a melody that will resonate with your heart. R・O・N himself sings on the project's songs, but also welcomes guest vocalists and guest musicians actively with the style of having the flexibility to correspond to what the world is in demand. R・O・N has been reputable for his distinct programming arrangements with it being able to adapt to various genres of music along with his catchy and artistic sounds. R・O・N has over 250K listeners on his Spotify and his song "Chronos" have streamed over 4480K. Spotify and his song "Daisy" have streamed over 7100K. He will do whatever it takes to express his desired sounds with his incredible sense, regardless of any method. In 2020, STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION has been releasing new works constantly including popular songs "STORYSEEKER" (ending theme of "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime") and "OMEGA" (ending theme of "Moriarty the Patriot").

He will do whatever it takes to express his desired sounds with his incredible sense, regardless of any method. This is STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION.

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STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION performs "TRISTAR - (Japanese ver.) [Muv-Luv mix]" for the first time at “STEREO DIVE 02” Commemorative online streaming live concert.