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A Culture of Women Linked by Fibroids

International, Certified Life Coach Ella Destiny and Dr. Kym Lee King host "Talk About 'U' Sister's Brunch" on July 16.

The one thing I love about Dr. Yan is his movement of "anti-female castration." - Ella Destiny

    WASHINGTON, DC, July 16, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Fibroid Fighters, Coach Ella Destiny and Dr. Kym Lee (King), charge women across the DMV to hold space and share their personal stories and Fibroid Fight in honor of Fibroid Awareness Month and to bring awareness to the need for advanced uterine Fibroid study. Both women misinformed regarding their bodies, now share their traumatic stories so other women do not endure.

"Talk About 'U' Sister's Brunch" is an opportunity to educate and keep the conversation going. Ella Destiny says, "At this event you can expect a plethora of information about fibroids; like signs and symptoms, what to look for, when to get checked, etc." She continues, "You will also hear a bit of our fibroid stories, how they affected us as well as information from our doctors. Enjoy live entertainment, good food and great conversation!"

Held July 16 at a private location, hosts ask that you direct message (dm) your interest for the link to join this exclusive event held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Sister's Brunch is a safe space for survivors and women who have suffered in silence or experienced medical gaslighting when reporting their symptoms. When women share their stories, they heal. When women unite, they are powerful. Ella Destiny says, "Sisterhood to me, is a group of women who are bonded together by one reason, purpose or another. Women that surround each other with love, support and encouragement." She continues, "we cheer each other on, lift each other up and are intentional about checking on one another, being available for each other and providing that safe space."

As like-minded, Christian women ordained to minister, Destiny and Lee (King) are united as they share common interest, the same beliefs and a mission and commission of servitude. Both suffered with fibroids, endured the same pain and procedures, and reside in Washington, D.C. Crossing paths was divinity at its Best; now united and appointed to form and extend a Sisterhood of women who are bonded together in the DMV.

The platform provided by Dr.'s Yan and Flora Katsnelson (USA Fibroid Centers) is an opportunity to normalize conversation surrounding women's issues considered taboo. With many women still unaware of what fibroids are or if they have them, support groups such as these educate, but also motivate women to not only voice their issues and concerns, but to advocate for the rights of women's health and reproductive systems. Destiny adds, "It's also about letting women know that WE DO HAVE OPTIONS, and that they are not alone." Prior to partnering with USA Fibroid Centers (USFC) Destiny and Lee (King) were failed by the medical system and unaware of organizations advocating for fibroids and women's health. The core values of the organization put women and their mental health first.

Events such as these encourage the fight. Guests will experience the passion behind Destiny and Lee's purpose in a hopeful effort to spark the mission of each attendee to return to their families and communities and lead. Dr. Kym Lee (King) says, "My life's work is helping women to strategize their 'Wins.' Victory over life's obstacles propels you to perpetual greatness." She continues, "You will continue to be great as long as you keep fighting."

For information on "Talk About 'U' Sister's Brunch" follow Coach Ella Destiny and Dr. Kym Lee (King) on instagram (@coachelladestiny, @theekymlee) and visit USFC at

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