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Ongredients: Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Zero Waste Vegan All-in-One Cleansing Ball

    NEW YORK, NY, July 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The eco-friendly all-in-one vegan cleansing ball, Ongredients, is launching on Kickstarter.

The Ongredients vegan cleansing ball is made with all-natural ingredients and no animal testing. Plus, Ongredients and its paper packaging are made from eco-friendly materials, and the included suds pouch is made from anti-bacterial and biodegradable hemp.

Ongredients is made from aloe vera, damask rose, and kelp extracts. These ingredients are known for their excellent moisturizing and anti-tightening properties, and help keep your skin glowing for a longer period of time. You can select between purple, green, and yellow colors for your cleansing ball, and each cleansing ball is imbued with a fragrant, lavender scent.

Most soaps out there have a strong alkaline pH of 8 or more. But Ongredients' pH of between 5-6 is just below neutral, which is better for skin health.

But one of the most iconic things about Ongredients is its texture. Ongredients is soft, yet firm; squishy, yet solid. Kids will love bathing with Ongredients, and parents will love the product's cleansing power.

In fact, Ongredients is strong enough to remove makeup, even with its lower pH. And as an all-in-one product, you can use Ongredients to cleanse your hair, face, and body, and even take it with you on the go. As long as you have Ongredients, you won't need to take separate shampoo, face cleanse, and body wash containers with you.

The team behind Ongredients told us, "Most toiletries are packaged in plastic containers. And we all know how bad plastic is for the environment. That's why we wanted to make a multi-purpose, environmentally friendly cleanser."

Ongredients' Kickstarter launch is scheduled for July 12th, 2022. Ongredients will be available at a special Kickstarter discount.

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