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NAPA Society Will Change Social Media and Crypto Forever

Since the birth of the internet, there has never been a use case quite so widely adopted by the public as Social Media. It's inevitable that the future of Crypto, NFTs and Social Media become deeply intertwined!

    DUBAI, UAE, July 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Since the birth of the internet, there has never been a use case quite so widely adopted by the public as Social Media. It's inevitable that the future of Crypto, NFTs and Social Media become deeply intertwined, but so far this evolution has been limited to profile pictures on Twitter. Until today!

NAPA Society is an innovative and exciting new Social Media network designed to change the way we connect with others online forever. The NAPA Society ecosystem incorporates NFTs and a cryptocurrency-backed economy to provide creators with the ultimate platform to share content with their audience in the form of NFTs, or as we like to call it 'Social Art'. Social Art is a revolutionary new way for creators to earn fair value for their posts through crypto rewards.

Why Social Media Needs to Evolve!

For years, social media platforms have been collecting and selling our data to advertisers with the intention of maximizing their revenue streams and extending their global reach.

From 2017 to 2022 TikTok has generated staggering revenue figures through the exploitation of its users, who create and share content for everyone to enjoy and receive nothing in return from the social media giants.

This is the next great obstacle to overcome and progress the future of the social media industry to satisfy this basic question. How can we put power back in the hands of social media users to earn fair value from their content and reclaim ownership of their data and their posts?

How will NAPA Society Pioneer The Next Social Media Paradigm?

NAPA Society is the next great crypto based social media revolution. We will finally return the power back to social media users, not the giant corporations who pull the strings in the background.

NAPA provides a framework and ecosystem that gives financial value to your posts content and returns the power of your social media experience to you. Through NAPA Society, users are able to take back control of their content and liberate themselves from the grip of social media exploitation. NAPA Society removes the need to push tacky products and services on your feed from these brands just to earn a living from your account.

How NAPA Rewards!

NAPA users mint their posts onto the blockchain as Social Art NFTs directly in the NAPA social media app. This minted post is now what we call "Live" for rewards for xx amount of time to earn NAPA tokens based on the levels of engagement that your live post receives. The magic of social media and the NAPA algorithm is that whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, everyone can earn generous rewards fairly and transparently with NAPA Society. Creators will be able to compete for prized positions on the NAPA Society Leaderboard and submit their posts in head-to-head NAPA Hot Sprints competitions to earn increased rewards. But the user journey doesn't end here.

Once your post has been a "global sensation" and your wallet is full of NAPA tokens, you can use your NAPA tokens to buy and sell NFT's on our NFT marketplace. The NAPA NFT marketplace will be the best place to trade viral Social Art NFTs alongside your favorite Blue Chip NFT projects such as BAYC or Doodles with the NAPA token or ETH. Our cross-chain Marketplace will be packed full of extra features like Co-Batching and our revolutionary NFT Valuator to make it the most complete NFT marketplace in the industry.

The NAPA NFT Marketplace will give all you meme culture connoisseurs and viral trend followers the power to trade internet trends and popular posts as NFTs and even earn rewards by posting them on the NAPA Social App. Alternatively, you can realize some profits from your creativity and sell your NAPA through crypto exchanges.

While your minted posts aren't actively earning rewards, you can also put your $NAPA to work and earn passive rewards by staking your tokens in the NAPA Society platform. This is a great way to increase your exposure to the NAPA ecosystem and continue earning with NAPA Society even while you're taking a break from creating content.

Our Mission and Vision!

At NAPA, our ultimate goal is to make social media fun again. We want you all to share your favorite moments and earn true value for your contributions. NAPA Society will empower our users to earn rewards from their creativity while creating Social Art. Whether you're an influencer with millions of followers or a NAPA Lifestyle User, NAPA will make it possible for everyone to benefit from social media and crypto. NAPA Society will revolutionize the way we use social media forever.

NAPA Society is the worlds first crypto based social media ecosystem that bridges the gap between crypto, NFT's and social media.

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