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Share & Record Any Audio Wirelessly: The first Auracast™ Transceiver to reinvent your smart life

VOCE provides the most easy way solution to enable Auracast™ service.

VOCE supports the input/output interface of analog and digital audio signals, allowing you to quickly create a broadcast audio area that supports Auracast™.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 01, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- After a long development cycle, VOCE officially passed the certification of Auracast™ (the latest generation of Bluetooth® broadcast audio specification), which also makes VOCE become the first Bluetooth® audio product that complies with the LE Audio specification. It has completed crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has completed shipments by June, 2022.

Elton Chang, CEO and founder of NEXUM, said: "The market may be unfamiliar with Auracast™ now, but we believe that in the next 12 months, more and more wireless headphones, audio equipment, speakers and other audio products will start to support Auracast™. Leveraging Auracast™ audio technology, various wireless audio technologies in the past will eventually be unified and compatible with each other, which will greatly optimize and facilitate users' everyday application scenarios."

VOCE supports the input/output interface of analog and digital audio signals, allowing you to quickly create a broadcast audio area that supports Auracast™, which can cover around 400~600 square meters (under barrier-free conditions). All Auracast™ receivers (headphones/speakers/speakers/mobile phones) in this area can simultaneously receive the same wireless audio transmission signal. Yes, we're talking about all receivers, no quantity limitation.

Empower your Smart life
Unlike the existing Bluetooth® transceivers on the market, VOCE supports playback and USB recording functions. Depending on the performance of the LC3 codec, it can not only provide CD-level stereo audio specifications (16bit/44.1K), but also provide a low latency of 50ms. The performance is more than enough to deal with most of the application scenarios of users.

In the foreseeable future, all new TWS headsets support Auracast™, many interesting applications will change people's wireless audio behavior.

Audio sharing with multi-device
Any traditional music players (CD/iPod/TAPE), VOCE can easily upgrade these devices to enable wireless playback function. To enjoy new Auracast™ technology, it's so easy.

Recording a great audio with your portable device
Today, the camera system of smartphone has ability to take high quality video anytime, but to record a great sound in the video, it is not as easy as you think! VOCE supports built-in/external microphones, and Analog audio input which flexible design can be matched with various audio equipment. The USB recording interface makes it easy for your mobile device to record a great sound for you.

By leverage Auracast™ technology, it also can enhance the ability to any existing microphone system.

DJ Party & Public Event
You have a DJ party in the city, you can quickly create a broadcast area that supports Auracast™ wireless audio through VOCE. Whether you have headphones or speakers, you will get the most suitable volume for everyone. Don't worry about disturbing your neighbors with loud volume.

In addition, exhibitions, outdoor performers, speech occasions, etc., will improve the user experience due to the introduction of Auracast™ technology.

E-Learning & Meeting Note
Using VOCE's excellent USB recording function, you can easily complete remote recording. It can also be used with verbatim script software to improve the accuracy of semantic recognition at the same time. Smart E-learning and course/meeting note efficiency will up to another level.

Assistive listening system
VOCE also has excellent performance in assisting people with mild hearing loss/ difficulty in hearing. Using the Auracast™ system, a teacher can communicate with multiple students at the same time with only one VOCE. For special children, they can also focus on their studies. Low latency, high sound quality, and low power consumption can meet the needs of a full day of class.

Through Auracast™ audio technology, VOCE can bring users more styles of wireless audio usage scenarios. At the same time, the ecosystem will become more mature, and many public places will provide Auracast™ service in the future. Your TWS earphones will no longer only serve to listen to your mobile phone music, it is time to let the earphones also listen more sound.

Whenever a new technology comes to the market, it will always bring people a new way of life, even if it is subtle, it is enough to affect our behavior. New technology is good, but it often requires cost, and the existence of VOCE can greatly reduce this threshold. You don't need to spend a lot of money to update the equipment, you can let your existing equipment easily support Auracast™ via VOCE.

VOCE is official on sale and you could place an order on Amazon store now.

About Nexum
Established in 2013, NEXUM is a team from Taiwan that focuses on wireless audio technology that caters to music lovers with innovative audio products. As technology has allowed us to take music with us everywhere, NEXUM strives to offer high quality audio technology and the best listening experience at an affordable price.

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