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Prepare For Independent Living With Easy Access Walk-In Baths

Pretty much everybody wants to stay as independent as they can for as long as they can. That's one of the reasons why there is such high demand for Steam Shower Store's new range of easy-access, walk-in baths

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Independence starts at home

Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Steam Shower Store is very encouraged by the number of people thinking ahead and investing in easy-access walk-in baths. As he points out: "If you're a home-owner, there are two reasons why it makes sense to think about independent living. The first is that you may benefit directly from any updates you make. The second is that it can add value to your home.".

Mr Ellis is particularly encouraged by the number of younger people investing in easy-access walk-in baths. With that said, he's not sure how much of this is due to them thinking ahead and how much is due to them just enjoying having a bath again. As he explains "You can get easy-access walk-in baths that take up the same amount of space as showers. That's great news for a lot of young adults who live in small homes (especially flats) with tiny bathrooms.

According to Mr Ellis, landlords can also benefit from investing in easy-access walk-in baths. He explains: "Right now, there's a massive shortage of rental properties with high accessibility standards. Something as simple as changing out a regular bath for an easy-access walk-in bath can really boost the desirability of your property. That translates into higher yields and lower voids."

He adds "Investing in walk-in baths upfront can also protect landlords from having to deal with upheaval if one of their tenants develops mobility issues. This is a complex area of the law but from a common-sense perspective, it's actually very simple. If you update your property with accessibility in mind, you're covered if your tenant's personal situation changes. To put it even more bluntly, you give yourself a better chance of holding on to good tenants."

Walk-in baths versus showers

Based on his sales, Mr Ellis believes that walk-in baths and showers are complementing each other rather than competing with each other. He thinks many people want to have both and fortunately they can. Walk-in baths work with over-bath showers in just the same way as regular baths. You can even add extra wellness accessories such as steam generators.

Updating your home can be affordable

Mr Ellis suggests that both home-owners and landlords need to have an upgrade strategy. He suggests prioritising high-impact, flexible upgrades such as walk-in baths and easy-wins such as grab-handles. Other upgrades, he advises, can wait until there's clear evidence that they're going to be needed immediately (or at least very soon).

His logic for this is straightforward. "Upgrades like walk-in baths are investments but are actually a lot more affordable than you might think. They are, however, disruptive to install. That means it makes sense to install them when you're planning on updating your home anyway. It makes even more sense when you remember that they can add functionality to your home even if you don't have mobility issues."

He goes on: "Affordable, quick and easy wins are exactly that so you might as well take them whenever you can. Really big-ticket items like stair-lifts and ramps can generally wait. They're not always needed and when they are they're often surprisingly easy to install."

Mr Ellis has some helpful advice for anyone thinking of investing in a walk-in bath. "If you're buying a walk-in bath for medical reasons then there's a good chance you'll qualify for VAT relief. Even if you're not, you can often spread the payments. For example, at Steam Shower Store we have finance plans to suit everyone, including interest-free ones."
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