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The largest ever Korea Display Exhibition (K-Display 2022) was held at COEX on the 10th... 550 booths were operated by 150 participating companies!

This year is the 21st anniversary of this exhibition. Under the slogan of 'Everything is Display-able!', it was the largest display industry exhibition in Korea where you can check the latest display technologies and trends.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, August 12, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Korea Display Industry Association (Chairman Ho-Young Jeong) will hold the K-Display 2022 Korea Display Exhibition at Hall A of the COEX Seoul for three days from August 10th (Wed) to August 12th (Fri).

This year is the 21st anniversary of this exhibition. Under the slogan of 'Everything is Display-able!', it was the largest display industry exhibition in Korea where you can check the latest display technologies and trends.

For display industries that are having crisis due to internal and adverse external factors such as supply chain collapse from the pandemic and international conditions, difficulties in recruiting excellent manpower, various side events will be held for the creation of a healthy ecosystem such as opening new markets and providing solutions for their difficulties.

This year's exhibition was the largest ever in size with about 150 companies participating with 550 booths, which is 200% larger than the previous year. (*('21) 114 companies from 5 countries, 290 booths → ('22) 150 companies from 7 countries, 550 booths)

Samsung Display and LG Display, two of the world's largest panel companies, are not only participating with expanded scale compared to the previous years, but also introducing new technologies and new products under the premium line that are leading the global market.

The major materials, parts, and equipment companies in the display industry including JUSUNG Engineering, Merck Performance Materials (Merck), Tokyo Electron Korea Limited (TEL), and WONST are participating to exhibit their advanced technologies to lead next-generation market.

In addition, major research institutes including Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), and Korea Photonics Technology Institute (KOPTI) are participating to present the source technology for material parts and commercialization-based process technology. In order to advance OLED technology, they will also present the technology development results of the display innovation process platform construction project, which is currently being supported by the government. Also, the status of the innovation process center to verify new technologies of small and medium-sized companies was presented.

Government support will also be provided for the advancement of OLED technology. The technological development results of the display innovation process platform construction project that is in progress and the construction status of the innovation process center for the verification of new technologies by small and medium-sized enterprises was also disclosed.

In the theme hall, there will be an experience zone and a media zone to provide new experiences that evolve through displays such as hologram, AR/VR, transparent signage, and mobility, which are next-generation growth engines for the display industry. Through these zones, they want to promote the status, importance and expandability of display industry.

During the exhibition period, there will be various events for exhibitors and visitors, such as the display business forum, conferences with domestic and foreign buyer, job fairs, and on-site seminars.

It is the 13th anniversary of 'Display Business Forum' this year, and it is the best business venue for domestic and foreign display companies and experts (300 people) to share the latest trends in the industry.

The view of K-Display 2022 held at COEX on 10th | Photo – AVING News
Under the slogan 'Beyond Display Technology to Business!', there were 6 sessions from 37 speakers to present the business trends of each company. The sessions are Display Mega Trend, Large Display Technology Trend, Material·Part·Equipment Technology Trend Ⅰ·Ⅱ·Ⅲ, Display Market and Industrial Policy Trend, Convergence Display, OLED Material Trend

There will be special guest speakers from three panel makers, Samsung Display, LG Display, and BOE. They will participate in the keynote speech and will announce the roadmaps for major technologies such as OLED and QD-Display.

Major Chinese panel companies, including BOE, CSOT, and VISIONOX, will participate in the 'Trade Consultation' online, and buyers from major countries such as Germany and Vietnam, will participate to promote export and technical alliances with participating companies.

Samsung Display and LG Display will conduct consultations in various areas such as purchasing, technology, and difficulties with material·part·equipment companies with excellent technology. They are looking for material·part·equipment companies for supply chain stabilization and next-generation technology cooperation.

As a follow-up measure to the 'Display Process Core Unit Consultative Group' launched in June, the 'Technical Consultation' will be held to introduce the excellence of the domestic part product companies and to match equipment companies and parts companies to expand the adoption of domestic parts.

Due to the shortage of professional manpower in display industry, they are hosting a recruitment fair with the cooperation and connection with the government project to nurture the professional manpower so that excellent manpower can flow into the display industry. They will be opening a Recruitment Center, and the Employment Consulting Center to support the job openings and job search activities.

22 display material·part·equipment companies including Samsung Display and LG Display participated to plan and operate a synergy program to increase job seekers' interest in industries and companies, such as conducting recruitment promotions and consultations, and conducting exhibition tours of major companies.

They will fully start the operation of the 'Display Job Matching Platform' that was established in May, and set up the matches for recruitment consultations and interviews between participating companies and participating talents in advance to increase the satisfaction of matching between companies-job seekers.

A separate stage will be set up in the exhibition hall to provide an active exhibition hall atmosphere to exhibitors and visitors through sessions including exhibitors showcase and new technology presentation.

Lastly, there will be interviews introducing the main products of the exhibitors that will be broadcasted live through online channels such as YouTube, and press releases will be distributed through major channels related to the exhibition such as China, Japan, and Vietnam.

Since it is their first time to emerge as an independent exhibition with shared the glory and crisis of the industry for the past 20 years, the association will strengthen their marketing base so that it can become a 'business partner' focusing on the core values pursued by exhibitors.

In addition, the executive office is fully prepared to hold a safe exhibition by complying with the government's quarantine guidelines and monitoring in real time although the infectious disease is re-spreading.

Meanwhile, it is a 21st anniversary this year of the exhibition under the slogan 'Everything is Display-able!', which is the largest display industry exhibition in Korea where the latest display technologies and trends can be found. Hosted and supervised by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Korea Display Industry Association, K-Display 2022 consists of a theme hall (experience zone·media zone), conferences for domestic and foreign buyers, recruitment fairs, new technology·new product presentations (on-site seminars), and business forums.


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