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The Genius and Innovator Behind THE CPR GALS: Jeanie Edwards and Her Journey to Success

THE CPR GALS offers CPR classes, first aid training and disaster preparedness education. Founder Jeanie Edwards, who also runs Disaster Services and Supplies, believes that customers' needs are of utmost importance and aims to deliver only the best.

    MORGANTOWN, WV, August 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- To dive right into the remarkable journey Jeanie Edwards has taken in her life is no easy feat. But, it is one on which must embark in order to fully understand how phenomenal a woman she is, and fully grasp what she brings into the world to make it a better place. Jeanie Edwards epitomizes the phrase "giving back" as she has selflessly done for many years, starting with volunteering with American Red Cross since 1968, through her founding of THE CPR GALS, and beyond. She is justifiably an inspiration considering all the work she does in the health care community and education community. Her list of accolades is long and distinguished:

· She is a Health and Safety Instructor, a Disaster Instructor, as well as a Disaster Responder
· She was an EMT for over 20 years
· She is a Ham Radio Operator
· She worked with the LA County Sheriff's Department providing Disaster Communications
· She was a member of El Monte Police Department Mounted Volunteers

The list could keep going, but this is just a sample size of what Jeanie has to offer. Words on a page can only whet your appetite, as it would serve you greatly to meet her in person. Her classes are so highly sought after that they are by appointment only, which is a true testament to the grandness of experiencing her teachings. You will come out on the other side a better person for having experienced it.

Her organization, THE CPR GALS, covers a variety of classes that are designed to fit the clients' needs when it comes to CPR, First Aid, and Disaster Preparedness. Both certified and non-certified classes cover training in:

· First Aid
· Pet First Aid and CPR Infant Presentations
· Water Safety
· Advanced Bleeding Control Babysitter Training
· Sports Safety Training
· and more ...

In short, Jeanie Edwards and her team of trained specialists can DO IT ALL! They have the qualifications and experience to prepare you to confidently handle medical emergencies and disasters of all sizes. THE CPR GALS can train everyone in how to help save a life, and they work with:

· Individuals, Neighborhoods, Schools
· Businesses
· Civic organizations
· and more ...

Not allowing the world events of the last couple of years to thwart her mission, the genius of Jeanie and THE CPR GALS found a way to adapt. Many of the non-certified classes and Disaster Preparedness Presentations are now offered via Zoom, allowing more people to learn and Get Prepared for whatever might happen.

For the General Public, THE CPR GALS offers information regarding Disaster Preparedness through their official website, Disaster Services and Supplies. You will learn how to get prepared; what to do before a disaster strikes, during the disaster itself, and in the aftermath. Included is vital information on how insurance plays a big part in horrific life situations and why it plays a large and often ignored part in Disaster Planning.

Another invaluable service offered by the company is Disaster Preparedness Solutions, which is designed exclusively for businesses. It is described as:

· How small and medium sized business owners who are not prepared for potential disasters can save thousands of dollars and reduce the possibility of losing their life savings as well as their business in as little as 90 days!

In the free Disaster Preparedness Solutions class, you will learn three key steps:

· How to Stay in Business After Being Affected By A Disaster
· How To Communicate with Your Staff And Prepare Them For An Emergency
· What Most Business Owners Do Not Realize About How They Can Protect Their Business Investment

As you can see, Jeanie Edwards has gifted the world with a wealth of knowledge on Being Prepared for medical emergencies and disasters of all kinds. She has been imbued with a passion for the vast knowledge she has accumulated, and is compelled to gift this knowledge to those who have been blessed enough to take part in her various classes.

For further information, please visit: -- Click the link to sign up for the free class!

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