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Restaurant Cleaning for Covid 1 on 1

The new era of Restaurants and covid

    ATLANTA, GA, August 16, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The new era of Restaurants and covid.

Restaurant cleaning is becoming such a vital life saver in these new times that we are living in. With Covid cases taking over the world, restaurant owners have to have a sanitation routine. This is key to surviving the era that we are living in.

Major restaurant stores like Waffle House, Panera Bread, and Str Bucks are some or the most largest of restaurants that are having a really difficult time. After many positive test, many restaurants have looked to close doors, hire a deep clean service, then reestablish, after a full clean is completed.

If you have any difficulties, all that's warrented is a calm stance. Make sure that a plane is in place, and that the health care officials are called. High traffic locations in your restaurant should be tended first, and purification of high-touch visitor zones are whats best . It's very important that everybody is working together and a clear mission path is taken after, this can be vital to the situation. If not this could lead to your you being put out of commission and shutdown longer than expected. If a worker does consult with you, that he or she has tested positive for covid, self-isolate for 14 days and seek counsel from a health professional. You have to treat this matter as is the same as in past times on the planet with dealing with employees spreading the flu. If the worker is tested and it was a false flag, it is a health professional still might suggest quarantine for 72hrs.


Many current restaurant owners come across kitchen equipment and are tasked with maintaining their vacant restaurants. We at Restaurant Cleaning Professionals clean restaurants all across the country, and we trust that we can help restaurant owners get ready for the few health inspections they will receive each year.

They struggle with proper oil transfer and planning challenges with these fryers. If these oil dishes aren't properly secured, anything may slide inside, and the dark, old oil makes it impossible to see all the way to the bottom.

Features of Avantco FF518 Natural Gas Fryer

With this post, we'll go over some of the features of the Avantco FF518 Natural Gas Fryer, as well as how would Restaurant Cleaning Professionals clean it. This is a top fryer that works well in most restaurant environments. These are common in cafés and shopping center concession types.


The fryer gets to board entrance is one of the most important features of any fryer in a business restaurant. Behind these doors are lucrative zones, buttons, and knobs that aid with the operation of the equipment. The most crucial component is the discharge valve, which is used by cleaning agencies to dump old excess oil and clean up the fryer. After the excess oil has been removed and the fryer has been thoroughly cleaned, new oil is put back into the fryer.


The first inspection comes to oil accumulation around the fryers. The restaurant should have a cleaning service come in once a week and degrease the fryer outside for 40 minutes to an hour.

Depending on the severity of the oil buildup, either green scrubber cushions or paint scrappers will be required. This is not a prohibitively expensive benefit, and a cleaning firm would be able to check out different areas of the restaurant on each visit, saving restaurant entrepreneurs from potential infractions like these.

The inspection problems arise from the area around the fryer being dusty and not being properly cleaned. To deal with this, they would need cleaning every day. The majority of the time, restaurant holding groups finish the daily cleaning duties. So, hiring a local restaurant cleaning service will allow a business owner to relax.

Deep cleaning of the restaurant floors

Deep cleaning of the restaurants floors needs degreasing, and scrubbing, then disinfecting. To begin off, tools required for the area unit are a Floor Squeegee, Deck Brush, Dawn Dish Detergent, and last Noble Shine. Fill a mop bucket with dawn dish detergent as a degreaser and floor disinfectant. Next push over the mop bucket and flood the ground, with the Dawn Detergent Degreaser. Next use a deck brush and re-evaluate each end of the ground. Then use the ground squeegee to push the surplus grease into the floor drains. Next, deck brush scrub the ground an additional time. After all is complete, you're able to use The Noble Shine product to make clean the floor slip safe. Most robust merchandise clean soo well that they leave the ground, slippery slick. A eating place owner can complain of slippery floors everytime. thus merchandise that do the duty and address this matter area unit are key.

Deep Cleaning Walls

Next is what we often receive request for on an as needed basis, but its become more of a essential, is disinfecting and degreasing restaurant walls. Not a hard process but a crucial process. You never want to have your walls in such a bad state that the walls are living quarters for bacteria. Remember that we are dealing with a restaurant here. Steam and smoke rise and travel across a restaurant ,and grease settles on walls. This is an easy to transmit around covid, due to wall cleaning being a not soo often priority, the kitchen walls can be easily cleaned with a product called, Advantage Chemical. Its great as a standalone, but can be mixed with Peroxide to add more disinfecting effects for Covid. This chemical is at its finest cutting through hard to remove grease.

To begin with, buy a delicate Bristol deck brush, you'll discover these at any depot, or supply store. Next, utilize the primary chemical and degreaser combo, in Day break Dish Cleanser. 3rd we'll utilize our Advantage chemical in combo, with our First light Dish Cleanser. To begin with you need to fair splash down the divider region with both Day break Dish Cleanser and The Advantage chemical. Let the dividers douse for approximately 40 min. At that point take your delicate Bristol deck brush and scour the zone. The grease ought to begin running down the divider lovely effectively, for any corners with extreme buildup you'll too scour with a green scrubber cushion.


Restaurant Cleaning Professionals LLC are a 12 year Restaurant Cleaning Service, benefit that will come to your eatery as required, and handle all of the profound cleaning obligations for you. With 12 years in business, we'll remove all equipment from dividers, clean equipment, beneath equipment, floors, dividers, eating areas etc. You'll be able fill out one of our online forms and we are able send you a quote inside 40mins. Or you can find us on Facebook and message us directly. Just search for "Restaurant Cleaning Professional Experts" or "Restaurant Cleaning Professionals". We can respond and send a quote in minutes.

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