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The Kindling Project is Creating Space For That Tiny Fire Inside All of Us That Needs Fuel and Fanning

Dreaming, supporting, and empowering one another, this podcast is igniting a fire for fierce women and their passion projects.

"This show is primarily for women and will address concerns that are unique to women in prioritizing themselves, and their talents and interests," shares Melissa Halprin.

    DETROIT, MI, August 17, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Kindling Project is a collaboration between Melissa Halpin, Experience Design Agency Owner and Digital Product Developer and Amy E. Parravano Drummond, Social Worker, Therapist, and Yoga Instructor. We work with an array of other woman-owned businesses on producing content, events, and products that improve women's lives.

The Kindling Project vision is to combine Amy's background as a social worker and therapist (the mindset part) and Melissa's background as an entrepreneur and creative director (the make it happen part) to address both sides of pursuing a project, a passion, or a business. The most recent TKP podcast episode dealt with how to get honest and let go of the all-or-nothing thinking mentality. The hosts share with each other how they don't always listen to the internal voice that says "stop" "halt" and "do not enter." Both women are active in The Kindling Project - Ignite private Facebook group, and are looking forward to launching a series of workbook style journals that get to the root of the barriers to starting a Kindling Project.

Guests for the podcast episodes are at varying stages of their own Kindling Projects. Amy will provide real-time counseling and Melissa will provide real-time coaching as it comes up. Some "kindling" on every episode will be shared; these are ideas or habits you can implement to get your own fire started. This show is primarily for women and will address concerns that are unique to women in prioritizing themselves, and their talents and interests, whether they pursue them for personal or professional goals.

Take a look at recent guests who have stopped in to share their Kindling Projects:

Young People Travel founder Sanya Tyson Weston- gets vulnerable with Melissa and Amy in the conversation before the conversion, sharing how she was able to finally start grieving the loss of her father at a recent conference with six other female travel executives for support. We discuss the importance of having women who support other women in our circles. Then we get into Sanya's Kindling Project, the non-profit she founded to provide international travel opportunities to minority and underserved youth and the impact it can have on their future. Sanya's servant heart comes naturally to her from her mother, who taught her the importance of giving to those we know, and those we do not know. Learn more about Sanya's mission and book your next dream vacation with her at her 3rd generation black-owned travel agency: &

Linda Wagner-Schlesinger, founder of Skinny Tees, overcame challenges and barriers to building a brand for women that continues to empower and inspire.

After 30+ years in the apparel industry, Michigan native Linda Schlesinger-Wagner was inspired to create a brand that filled a void in the women's apparel market. It started with a one-size-fits-most silhouette and has grown into a multi-million-dollar brand featured on QVC and Macy's. Linda remains firmly rooted in her commitment to offering a product for all women - all sizes, all colors, and all ages. Linda remains firmly rooted in her commitment to offering a product for all women - all sizes, all colors, and all ages.

But business growth isn't the whole story. Linda shares the decades of life lessons along the way with Melissa and Amy. She's survived many heartaches and trials that come with a full life, from pregnancy loss to the premature death of her father and mentor. She's dealt with family addiction, divorce, and finding her voice. Her story is inspiring, and she just keeps on giving. In her 70s now, she says she better live forever because she has a lot more to offer!

Schlesinger-Wagner is also a longtime advocate for women's and children's charities, actively working with many nonprofits such as The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Super Saturday, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation. She has served as a Co-Chair for Jewish Vocational Services: Women to Work Program and has been involved in the non-profit Pictures of Hope, where she received the Salvation Army Angel Award.

Together Joy! with Monica Inestroza-Curtis was the first guest on The Kindling Project and she does not disappoint. Monica shares with us her journey to starting her blog, To-Get-Her-Joy, and the layered meaning of its title. She explains that during the height of pandemic chaos she was compelled to put herself in a timeout. She had to get real with herself and call herself on her own BS. From holding up a mirror to herself and to others, to truly showing up in life, Monica takes us down her own path of vulnerability, humility, and overall badassery. Get to know our favorite girl with a pen by subscribing to her blog:

Amy Parravano Drummond, LMSW, ACSW, RYT is a social worker, therapist, yoga teacher, healer, wife, and mother. She specializes in meeting people where they are emotionally, physically, and spiritually. With 30+ years of experience working with diverse individuals and families across the legal and health care systems, on medical frontlines with end-of-life care, and in individual therapy, her commitment is to work through personal limitations and barriers while focusing on empowerment, truth, and intentional vulnerability.

Melissa Halpin is CEO & Principal of Memora, a woman-owned virtual design agency that creates memorable experiences for clients around the world. She is also co-founder of several start-ups, that range from the digital signage software, Screen Future, and the iOS gear app, Tonechaser, to an online community for women, The Kindling Project Ignite. Outside of titles and roles, Melissa identifies as an artist and is committed to supporting other women in their creative pursuits. She is supported by a husband, two kids, two dogs, and more friends and more co-creators than she can count!

Learn more about The Kindling Project at our website: and join our Facebook group for women looking for that extra bit of kindling to start their next big fire! The Kindling Project - Ignite. The Kindling Project is sponsored by Memora, an experience design agency, that creates memorable brand experiences.

Memora is offering our listeners a FREE 30-minute brand consultation. Schedule yours now. You can listen to The Kindling Project Podcast from our website:

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