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The World's First AI Bird Feeder Camera has Improved its AI Accuracy 1.2X, Recognizing 6000+ Global Bird Species

Netvue Birdfy is dedicated to improving the quality of living by applying game-changing AI recognition technology.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, August 19, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- We've been surrounded by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for so long that we couldn't imagine a life without it anymore. Without AI, phones won't unlock as facial recognition is applied; smart home appliances will turn into bricks; the software will not be as intelligent and many functions couldn't be achieved.

As the world's first AI Bird Feeder Camera, Netvue Birdfy carries a powerful AI system and the Netvue team has never stopped improving it, pushing the limits of using AI technology to improve the quality of living.

The Issues of AI Technology
At first, AI wasn't so intelligent at all, just like a fresher to the school. All kinds of mistakes were made from time to time, as the learning curve has been way too long and the database was not well built.

With the capability of self-learning and self-correction, AI has been evolving with the support of developers and a well-built database.

The fact is, the more artificial the more intelligent.

Netvue Birdfy AI system's database for recognizing the right bird species used to be far from enough, as the real-life application could be way more complicated than expected. That explains some complaints about the Birdfy AI recognition system from early customers.

But the Netvue team is never quitting on improving it. Accumulating data and cases from past experience, they found a way to connect with customers and collect data simultaneously, which has greatly enriched the AI database.

The #CaughtOnBirdfy
#CaughtOnBirdfy is a friendly community that Netvue built for Birdfy lovers. Here, people are encouraged to share Birdfy-related content, including videos and images of birds, throughout all social media platforms (winning discount for future buying on This is a perfect place where the Netvue team collects actual application cases and finds takeaways from them.

The AI Improvement Effort
Countless videos and images of birds contributed by actual Birdfy users have given the Netvue team resources to enrich the database and make AI more intelligent. They filtered thousands of images involving hundreds of bird species, then added them to the database and restrained the model to improve the accuracy of recognition.

With this more accomplished database, Netvue Birdfy's AI recognition capability is now massively improved and proven in practice. After extensive testing of Birdfy AI, the accuracy of recognizing the actual bird species has increased by 1.2 times.

This game-changing improvement is here waiting for you to discover. Follow the link and you'll see how amazing it is.

If you are interested in learning more about Netvue Birdfy. You can visit for further information.

About Netvue
Netvue provides smart home solutions to the global market. Starting from 2010, it has developed many smart home devices including both indoor and outdoor solutions. Birdfy is the latest innovation project that is designed to revolutionize global birdwatching experiences.

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