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An Inventor Has Developed a New Generation of Carbon Dioxide Capturing Technology

"The Carbon Dioxide Capturing and Electrical Energy Generating System Technology"

The new technology serves as Carbon capture and power plant at zero carbon emissions" …..kill two birds with one stone…

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Unfortunately, carbon emission is a major pollutant of the environment. Annually, billions of metric tons of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are released into the atmosphere causing significant damage to Mother Nature. Periodically, the natural increase in CO2 concentrations has warmed the planet causing Arctic icebergs to meltdown resulting in rising sea levels, elevating storm surges, increasing coastal erosion, irregular rainfall, desertification, and more – all in all, exposing the human population to serious health impediments. The situation got out of hand further as industrialization boomed globally – the huge amounts of CO2 emissions from vehicles and factories have worsened the world's climate from time to time. With an all-out effort to save the planet, Solomon Alema Asfhsa took the helm to bite the bullet for once and all.

How Does the Invention Help the Planet?

CO2 capturing technologies are promising innovations built on the premise to reduce harmful emissions. Every cloud has a silver lining and Solomon Alema Asfhsa's novel invention can help and contribute to restore the ecological balance formerly disturbed by the harmful activities of humans in the past. In essence, the new technology assists in capturing the environmentally-menacing CO2 emissions and flue gases. The invention eliminates the negative ecological impacts while simultaneously improving the productive and responsible use of natural resources.

How Does the Invention Work?
The technology captures atmospheric CO2 remnants and flue gases, simultaneously generating electric power from the systems. The technological philosophy of the proposed technology is to "capture harmful CO2 emissions from the atmosphere and produce electrical energy from the system".

This new technology includes several systems, methodologies, and techniques. The current invention comprising; hybrid hydrogen-chlorine fuel cell and carbon dioxide reactor core system unit, ionized hydrogen gas turbine system unit, hybrid thermoelectric-generator and solid oxide fuel cell unit, tree fashioned carbon dioxide capturing system unit, hybrid solar hydrogen-Oxygen gas generator system unit, waste recovery system unit and so on. The systems, technics, methodologies, parts and sub-parts together are designed, developed and invented to create the "Carbon dioxide Capturing and Electrical energy producing system technology" machine.

As mentioned above, the technology is designed and developed to generate electric power from the system. The power generated from the system uses to capture CO2. Furthermore, within the large-scale design of the system, plentiful electric power is generated. Additionally, the generated electrical energy can be used to power factories, homes, and businesses.

The technology designed and invented to capture CO2 emissions from the environment and flue gases and generate electric power at zero carbon emission. This technology intends to hit the nail on the head by significantly contributing to the net-zero emissions vision by 2050. The intention is to cut down air pollution and CO2 emissions, with an intent to save the planet. For that matter, the technology contributes to and helps to reduce climate change and global warming, hence, eliminating the adverse ecological impacts. Furthermore, the technology also increases public health, reducing health care costs, as a result of better air quality and public health.

The objectives of the new technology are:
1. Capturing CO2 directly from the atmosphere and flue gases
2. Generating electric power
3. Creating economically viable carbon dioxide capturing and electric power generating system technology
4. Minimizing external gird power consumption for CO2 capturing purposes and instead utilizing power from internally generated electric power
5. Increasing CO2 capturing efficiency,

Currently, the invention is registered and protected by the Canadian intellectual property patent office, the United States patent office, and other countries.

What Problems Solved by the Ground-Breaking Invention?

The technology captures atmospheric CO2 remnants and flue gases, simultaneously generating electric power from the systems. The technological philosophy of the proposed technology is to "capture harmful CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, and convert and generate electric power from the system". Furthermore, within the large-scale design of the system, plentiful electric power is generated. Additionally, the generated electrical energy can be used to power factories, homes, and businesses.

The proposed technology solves the following problems:-

1. The huge amounts of CO2 emissions create air pollution, climate change, and global warming. The technology is designed to capture CO2 at higher efficiency.

2. Nowadays, CO2 capturing technologies consume a lot of electrical energy. The high electric power consumption in CO2 capturing technologies is the most challenging part for most technologies designed to undermine the harmful impacts on the planet. To address this problem, the proposed technology creates and offers a mechanism to generate electric power from the system which, in turn, extracts toxic remnants from the atmosphere and flue gases. To capture CO2, the system utilizes electric power from an internally-generated electric power. Imagine the high electric-power consumption from the grid and the cost to capture CO2 per kilogram – the new technology solves those problems.

3. Exhaust waste heat is released from the system which is later converted to generate additional electric power in the system.

4. This technology comes with new ideas and new solutions. The technology is helpful for the benefit of mankind and Mother Earth. Moreover, to create different choices for industrial sectors, this technology includes four different alternative versions and inventions, and each innovative design has different invention prototypes and costs. In addition, to manufacturing the technology, it uses easily available materials and cheap materials. This plays a great role to reduce the total cost of the technology. Therefore, due to the above facts, the technology is expected economically viable and affordable.

5. The carbonate waste is converted in to useful by-products. The CO2 is absorbed and converted into carbonate and bicarbonate by-products. One version and invention of the technology is further reinvented to convert and process sodium/potassium carbonate into cleaning agents and soap products, etc.

On average, a typical tree can absorb around 21 kilograms of CO2 per year, however, this figure is only achieved when the tree is fully grown – saplings will absorb significantly less than this. A medium-sized CO2 Capturing Technology is designed to capture 65 kilotons of CO2 annually or the equivalent of the emissions of 13,334 cars annually. Hence, one medium-sized of "Carbon dioxide capturing and electric power generating system" technology is equivalent capable capturing of Co2 gases with the 2, 857,143 trees.

Furthermore, Solomon Alema Asfha tested the parts and subparts of the technology effectively. Currently, he and his team, are planned to build the large-scale "Carbon dioxide capturing and Electrical Energy generating" technology. After the first commercial-scale demonstration project is completed, they planned to build a couple of "Carbon dioxide capturing and Electrical Energy generating" technology pilot projects in the first phase. The production of the technology will be expected to increase from time to time, and supplying the technology to the sector and fulfilling the demands. The new-generation "Carbon dioxide capturing and Electrical Energy generating" technology is expected to contribute to achieving the net-zero emissions vision by the year 2050. The technology will be implemented and commercialized for the benefit of mankind, with the collaborations of different stakeholders and partners, as well as potential investors.

While the humankind will almost always create a carbon footprint on the environment, it should strive to look for ways to reduce the burden of its fossil fuel usage.

For decades, mankind have been releasing Earth-warming GHGs into the atmosphere. However, the question still stands, "Can emerging technologies fix the damage?" The answer is YES!!!

Rapid advancements in carbon sequestration technology, which extract and absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, or flue gas are crucial to the ecosystem and the advancement of civilization if we are to escape the worst effects of climate change.

As carbon capture innovation advances, companies will reduce the quantity of GHGs in the atmosphere. A move to renewable and clean energy technologies, on the other hand, is critical in decreasing our net carbon dioxide emissions.

The new "CO2 capturing and electrical energy generating" technology comes with new ideas and solutions to unlock the carbon emission problems. The newly-proposed technology effectively collects CO2 from industrial processes, extracting harmful emissions directly from the air, and generation electrical energy at zero carbon emission and offers promising opportunities to combat climate change. Hence, the technology expected to contributes to the betterment of society and future generations.

Solomon Alema Asfha is an independent inventor passionate about scientific principles, new ideas, and novel technologies. With five unique patents under his name, now, Solomon Alema Asfha has a bigger fish to fry, and to restore the environmental problems humans caused throughout the planet. Intending to kill two birds with one stone, Solomon Alema Asfha invested years in documenting, researching, prototyping, and troubleshooting a state-of-the-art technology "Carbon Dioxide Capturing & Electrical Energy Generating System". The inventor sacrificed a lot to develop this novel technology. However, a strong resolute and unbreakable vision empowered Solomon Alema Asfha to work incessantly to accomplish everything he envisioned. Focused on the development of technology, Solomon Alema Asfha spent around four years, working hard day and night to accomplish his goals of sustainable, greener living. He believes that by working hard on one specific goal day and night with unwavering ambitions to grasp greatness, he realized that the "impossible is possible". For days, weeks on end, sometimes even months, Solomon Alema Asfha was stuck with unsolved problems. Solving one problem a day, the inventor was capable of resolving difficult and unsolved problems, and he says, "that's the way how to achieve your goals."

It is impossible to develop such kind of sophisticated and hi-tech invention independently. However, his unbreakable passion to create something meaningful for mankind empowered his conscience to identify and troubleshoot problems day and night. With God by his side, and the passion to create result-oriented things for people around him, he developed and completed this invention successfully.

The inventor is a firm believer, "if you focus on one specific goal, if you have great perseverance and if you work on your goal day and night, the impossible becomes possible, and you will achieve whatever your dream is."

The owner and inventor of the sophisticated technology envision creating a win-win situation for all with the best thing since sliced bread.

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