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ROM Technologies Getting Recognition From Professionals

ROM Technologies continues to receive high praise and recognition from top professionals in the industry.

    HARTFORD, CT, August 26, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ROM Technologies, a leader in postoperative orthopedic care, modernized with the help of emerging technologies, continues to receive high praise and recognition from top professionals in the industry.

Successfully helping with the rehab process after major arthroscopic surgery allows the company to grow. With more and more professionals believing in what they offer, it removes questions and concerns anyone has with alternative care.

PortableConnect is the telemedicine technology ROMTech continues to receive praise for. Patients can work on therapeutic motion through sessions revolving around their own time.

Recently, several well-respected orthopedic doctors sat down as guests for The Rapid Recovery Report. Hosted by Toree McGee, the talks all touch on the overall value of PortableConnect. Orthopedics in the industry for decades have found the PortableConnect works as advertised.

Any new rehabilitation program is bound to be met with skepticism at first. Claims of figuring out a faster recovery process have been around for centuries, but few approaches work. Using modern technology with a simplified setup can provide optimal medical rehabilitation.

Not only do patients see a better range of motion within the first two weeks, but they also have a reduced amount of pain. With less pain, patients don't have to rely on narcotics for an extended time.

Orthopedic practices can purchase PortableConnect for their patients as a way to benefit their entire setup. It makes it easier for the patient to get into rehabbing at home, and medical professionals can oversee everything just the same to make adjustments for each individual.

PortableConnect works not only as a practical solution but also as a way to save money. Essential rehabilitation appointments can add up over time, especially if a person doesn't have insurance covering everything.

Opting for PortableConnect allows for a much more flexible schedule while still getting professional instruction. As time goes on, ROMTech is optimistic that technology is here to stay and that more and more progress is possible.

Medical field professionals also continue to pay close attention to any new additions or developments with the ROM Technologies PortableConnect. Teletherapy technology is still in its early stages, and ROMTech is working towards more and more improvements.

To learn more about everything ROMTech is working on, including PortableConnect, visit the website at All interviews with The Rapid Recovery Report are found on the news tab at the top of the page.

They focus on bringing on relevant guests as much as possible to talk about teletherapy technology, recent rehab trends, PortableConnect, and other relatable content.

ROM Technologies (AKA ROMTech) is a company specializing in modern technology for rehabilitation. They strive to improve patient outcomes with fast results and a lower price point.

Their marquee product, PortableConnect, continues to shine as a leading solution in the postoperative rehabilitation field.

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