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KIMBLADE Space 4.0, Coming Soon on Kickstarter

KIMBLADE Space 4.0

    NEW YORK, NY, August 30, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- KIMBLADE, the windshield wipers famous for their square blades, are launching another campaign on Kickstarter. These new wipers, the KIMBLADE Space 4.0, are coming in two different models: a Tesla dedicated model, and a model for all other vehicles.

What's great about the KIMBLADE Space 4.0 is that these wipers fit on most vehicles regardless of your model, make, or country of manufacture.

And with an adapter for each vehicle, getting your wipers onto your windshield has become that much easier. Previously, the KIMBLADE wiper adapter came as a multi-adapter for all vehicles. But with a custom adaptor for each vehicle's wiper arm, fitting wipers to your vehicle has been made a lot easier.

What's especially noteworthy about KIMBLADE and their newest signature square blade wipers is that they've been upgraded to a "Secret Red Edge." The wiper blades are quieter and feel better, plus they last a lot longer than the previous KIMBLADE wipers. The wipers also last a lot longer before you have to replace them, and they add a sophisticated touch that only premium wipers can give.

The KIMBLADE windshield care kit is also worth pointing out. We all use windshield cleaner (oil film remover) and windshield treatment (coating) to care for our windshields, but the KIMBLADE windshield care kit lets you get this once expensive professional treatment at a fraction of the price. Using the care kit will help you get the most out of your KIMBLADE wipers, and it'll also help reduce the amount of noise made by your wipers.

But what's most catching our eye about the newest KIMBLADE crowdfunding campaign is the Tesla exclusive wiper model. The wiper frame and blade color for the Tesla model are a bit different from the base model, but the features and performance are still just as good. The Tesla exclusive wipers were made while taking into consideration Tesla's larger windshield, unique windshield curvature, and mechanical differences of the wiper system. With your very own Tesla dedicated square blade wipers, cleaner, and treatment, you can keep your Tesla's glass – and camera – clean and clear.

KIMBLADE Space 4.0's Kickstarter campaign will be launching later this year, where you'll be able to get your KIMBLADE wipers at a discounted price.

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