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1001 Greatest Sausage Recipes

The first of its kind collection of professionally compiled sausage recipes - The 1001 Greatest Sausage Recipes is not about cooking meals with sausages, it's about making them.

    LARGO, FL, September 08, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Finding a reliable recipe on the internet becomes harder every day. To gain income from advertising clicks, the majority of large web sites generate thousands of so-called "sausage recipes", and when people search for "sausage recipes" they usually get recipes of dishes with sausages, which are usually just dishes containing sausages, but not actually how to make them. There are many books about sausages which include a brief description of the sausage and an image that was bought online. Some readers might think purchasing these books could result in classics like Salami Genoa, Braunschweiger, Mortadella Bologna and others. Unfortunately, the reader only gets general information that is already available on the internet, or, they receive advice from inexperienced enthusiasts with little background in preparing sausages.

This is where this book fills the void. The 1001 Greatest Sausage Recipes is not about cooking meals with sausages, it's about making them. The book lists materials, the ingredients and detailed processing steps for making all types of sausages. The majority of recipes come from Polish, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and French official sources and archives in order to be as accurate as possible. Many of those were produced by commercial plants for sale to the general public, and a number of the recipes are still commercially used even now.

Reading these recipes is like taking a trip back in time as many recipes are backed with hundreds of years of tradition. The book becomes an invaluable reference for anybody thinking about producing sausages and just by studying the detailed instructions one can become an accomplished sausage maker.

ISBN: 978-0-9824267-7-7
Format 7 x 10, paperback, 602 pages
SRP: $24.95
Genre: Cooking

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