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Celebrated Entrepreneur Christine Rose Launches CEOAccel as a Way to Ignite Creative Thinking Amongst the Country's Top CEOs

Bestselling author, speaker and top business coach, Christine Rose is premiering her new business platform, CEOAccel. It is a virtual community and diverse interactive experience for business leaders looking to enhance their companies' success.

With the newly utilized strategies of CEOAccel, the focus is on having conversations in tiered groups with your peers, and networking amongst these groups in order to generate maximum value.

    SEATTLE, WA, September 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A true CEO needs to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to making smart business moves at all times. Whether heading a large or small company, there are countless factors—revenue, profitability, workplace climate, to name a few—that a chief executive must oversee. Even a tiny misstep could spell disaster for a burgeoning enterprise, upsetting shareholders, team members, and maybe worst of all, customers.

The world of business is always changing and evolving, so, as a CEO it's a necessity that you consistently educate yourself and stay ahead of the pack when it comes to utilizing new business innovations and keeping your company at the forefront. With the creation of CEOAccel, an exclusive community has been formed to bring together great business leaders from all over the United States into one thriving environment. This is a place where you can converse and share ideas on how to increase business value; a place where the country's top business leaders can come together in the CEO Mastermind Experience.

CEOAccel's founder and creator, Christine Rose, is quite the mastermind herself. She is a bestselling author specializing in business, coaching, speaking, and more. She is also a member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, arguably the world's foremost authority on all things business. Drawing from her many talents and traits, experience and research, the innovative Ms. Rose believes that CEOAccel is a unique and innovative solution to support CEOs in their quests to be lifelong learners making their highest and best contributions to the world, and that's exactly what CEOAccel is all about.

The CEOAccel concept, like so many modern innovations, was born during, and as a result of the pandemic. With severe restrictions placed on all of us back then, much time was afforded to thinking creatively, and that's precisely what Christine Rose did. Already armed with coaching expertise, several certifications including Certified Psychological Safety Coach, and knowledge of what makes companies valuable in the eyes of potential acquirers, she knew exactly what it would take to get the most out of a company and its leaders. Now, it was just a matter of figuring out how to apply it in a fresh way; in an intuitive, forward-thinking model that could create huge upside benefit for all concerned parties.

Fortunately, Christine Rose has enjoyed a remarkable career of her own, coaching CEOs and mentored by some of the most important business leaders in the world. This was the first building block that fell into place. After that, it was just a matter of cleverly bridging the gap between demand and supply, and doing so in a revolutionary way. The Covid pandemic continued to rage on, further limiting in-person consulting and restricting business meetings everywhere, seemingly without and end in sight. Christine Rose seized this once-in-a-generation opportunity, cracked the code of 'how to make it work', and with that, CEOAccel was born!

CEOAccel is a genuine innovation when it comes to bringing your business to new heights. It's an invitation-only, virtual community for CEOs of $1M+ revenue companies, offering virtual network building, a virtual learning platform, business/executive/team coaching, mastermind groups, and other benefits to support CEOs as they address new opportunities and challenges. It's a place where your own ideas will not only be heard, but also cultivated and shaped into growth-building innovations that will accelerate your company to the next level. In this ground-breaking community you will be surrounded by other individuals who will not only inspire, but also be inspired by you!

As a CEO, you will no longer have to feel like you're alone with your ideas, because CEOAccel enables members to associate with other like-minded leaders and top coaches in conversations that will help you hone your vision.

"It is a supportive community that can fuel your own expectations and innovative ideas," explains Christine Rose. "This is not a cut-throat, 'dog eat dog' environment, it's a nurturing and safe learning zone, where your ideas can incubate as you strive to make your company better and more profitable."

When it comes to pandemic-era business management, Christine Rose was easily able to see what works and what does not. With company meetings largely being held via teleconferencing, the old structures utilized during in-person peer advisory and boardroom meetings were quickly becoming obsolete. Christine Rose observed with the advent of virtual meetings a massive disengagement between CEOs in advisory groups, as well as a disconnection with members of the board. Ms. Rose knew through her extensive research that many CEOs are hard-pressed on all sides, and in these challenging times it's often a monumental struggle to help their companies stay ahead. Christine's research also taught her that CEOs need insights and information consistently, not once or twice a year. She was convinced that a preferable alternative would be month-to-month meetings in a smaller, more intimate setting.

Now, with the advent of CEOAccel, such meetings are a reality and the business world is already buzzing about it. These are much smaller assemblies in an exclusive, highly efficient, time-saving community, and they typically run no longer than 90 minutes. The icing on the cake is that the CEOs in attendance meet with peers on the same level, hence the exclusivity. No longer are top execs sitting through meetings with fellow CEOs whose companies draw far less revenue than their own.

Ms. Rose adds: "Naturally, someone who runs a 250-million-dollar company doesn't face the same challenges as the CEO of a two-million-dollar company. With the newly utilized strategies of CEOAccel, the focus is on having conversations in tiered groups with your peers, and networking amongst these groups in order to generate maximum value."

By joining CEOAccel's membership program you instantly open the door to a brighter future, for both your company and yourself. The benefits of this membership are robust, but let's focus on a few key aspects right now:

Education, Resources & Network Building
Attend monthly online education sessions to build your network with other CEOs and renowned business experts.

Building Value, Not Just Revenues
Join 70,000 other business leaders and get your score on 8 Factors That Drive Your Company's Value business metric.

Professional Credentialed Coaching
Work with business and executive coaches who will guide you through challenges as you set your goals and clarify your personal vision, while you take action and fulfill your professional promises.

The Power of a Peer Advisory Group
Understand fully what this concept means by learning from peers at your level in virtual meetings facilitated by trained professional coaches who know how to maximize clarity, insight, direction, and accountability.

These are just a few of the golden nuggets of value that will be available to you through your membership with this newly acclaimed, web-based program. Even if you feel that your business is already excelling, but could do a little bit better, there's room for you here too! So, please don't hesitate another moment, come and investigate how this game-changing online community can work for you.

The tactics that you will learn from other CEOs and fellow business leaders will not only help you grow as an astute business leader yourself, but will also aid you in growing as a person overall. Membership with CEOAccel is an effective, affordable way to broaden your horizons with other like-minded individuals and propel your business into the future. Best of all, this will be reflected in your 'bottom-line' from now on.

Sign up today to learn how you can start reaping the rewards of CEOAccel membership:

Grand Total Investment: The fee for joining this groundbreaking online community is only $500 upfront with a monthly fee dependent on your membership level (following the introductory interview).

Important Upcoming Event: On September 14th, 2022 (12:00-1:30 PM PST) we will be holding our exclusive Zoom meet & greet, where you will connect virtually with some of the top business leaders in the country while learning 8 Ways to Increase Value in Your Company.

"This business platform is the sum total of my many years of learned expertise," confesses Christine Rose. "If you're a CEO of a $1M+ revenue company and are interested in an exclusive networking experience unlike any other, I invite you to apply today for CEOAccel, the next great business movement in America, and discover how you and your company can accelerate growth, value, innovation and impact."

For more information visit CEOAccel's official website. Please note, a membership interview is required for all applicants, no exceptions.

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